A List of Threats

Current Threats
1. Strong Ones – Last seen possessing Iver Elves at Green and Pleasant.
2. Marchwood – Elves upset over a forged letter by Finn and Ripper (one of many forged letters over the past year – probably Empire?) and the Old Thing in the crypt as in Hunter Stryker’s report
3. Empire – Bristol Gap, Cornwall – Rozlyn, Goblins at 2 Rivers, Albertus Hroc, Thallamus Solenius (stole Excalibur), Norhault
4. Londinium – Elysium, Skathen
5. York – New Ritual Circle, Elysium (old connection is it still there?), Elves want to rename York and hate Magic because of there kin who played with Warpstone and became Skathen
6. 13 Treasures – Are these still required? Is there one near York?
7. Enchantment – Have we dealt with this or is more necessary?
8. Yesterday Court – Apparently we woke up a Prince of the Fey at Dunwich and he has taken over the Fey Court of Arcadia. Are they an active threat?
9. Ancestors – Mother, Puck and Hunter; Nethras, Cithras, Dark Hunter? Worship of the old Ancestors on the increase (which do Albertus’s supporters follow?), and Mother et al chained to support the Albertus claim as strongly as the Hart’s. What can we do? Can the chosen of the Hunter be used to tip the balance?
10. Knights Plunderous – Can they be brought into line?
11. Covenant – Their demons are still at large, are their masters? Do we care?
12. Feral Fey – Wild Fey plaguing the Karlennons