Research into the nature of the Trinity

Research conducted by Ser Graf Dog-Mortimer, with Brandon Barthez assisting
Summer 1123

The people of Albion have always been tolerant when it comes to Ancestors, whether they be from
within Albion or beyond its borders. As with all Ancestors, their time and the followers come and go
as the seasons change, and this is true of Albion, and seems to have been true during the early
years of Albion, at least until the time of Arthur.

Albion was subjected to neither absolute Law nor Chaos. The Ancestors being a fairly balanced
pantheon, covering a multitude of aspects of Albion life. Arthur’s strict push towards Law changed
this; it can be seen as one of the principle defining points in Albion’s history and propelled it down a
new path.

Where did the pantheon come from?
Most likely the Ancestors we have today came from the beliefs held by the original people of
Albion, and then the tribes. But again, as time passed the Ancestors would change as their story
passed by word of mouth. This might even be how the Ancestors originally came into being. Others
came when new people arrived from new lands.

There are few writings regarding the time before the Empire, and even fewer regarding the
Ancestors. Their names are mentioned in the written text ,and most made it to the time of Arthur,
and even the Empire brought one with them that stayed.

Arthur’s drive to do the right thing lifted the Pendragon to the front, or perhaps it was the years of
constant war before his accession. Either way, the Pendragon became the predominant Ancestor
at that time; before then it’s a good bet that The Hunter and Nethras were up there to. This is
probably due to most of Albion being spread through the wilds of the land at the time. The coming
together of people in villages, towns and cities only added to these two as they both carry an
aspect of family or community, and with Arthur pushing the Pendragon. We know he allowed the
knights to follow who they wished to; this can be seen in various accounts and writings held
elsewhere in the library at Brighthelm-Staine. It can also be said that as the people changed the
aspect of the ancestors changed to meet the needs/desires of the people. Currently, the
Pendragon sits in the White Knight aspect while it protects Albion and the throne, The Hunter sits
in Alpha, and Nethras the mother/crone.

We can tell from many pieces of writing and those of the spoken word, that the Ancestors are
closely linked to the people and the land and by way of these to the spirit. While during the time of
Arthur, the Pendragon was at the fore of the Albion Ancestors as he drove the word of Law. Maybe
this is what drove others down the path of Chaos, in order to bring balance. While after and up to
almost the present day, the Hunter has been at the fore because of the aspect of the Wild and
family. Wyndrake once again drove the push toward Law and the Pendragon. Of late, we can see
an emergence of Nethras; could this be to do with the accession of Cara to Queen and her wild
protective, slightly more chaotic nature compared to that of Wyndrake?

The Trinity were last chosen in 1105; if there was one before that it has not been recorded in the
written word, nor tale of it passed down. From the few texts we have it looks to be some sort of
council for the pantheon, unlike the Norscan pantheon, who have an outright leader. The council is
always selected by the people of Albion when the time comes as they are the ones who have to
live with the consequences. What other duties this council perform is anyone guess. Those
selected to the Trinity, one can only assume that they are raised in status and become major
aspects within Albion and give flavour to the land, people and spirit of Albion. It could be
speculated that a Trinity choosing only happens when it really needs to, based on events affecting
and within Albion. Like in 1105 when Queen Elspeth was murdered with no clear line of
succession. A question can be asked why a new choosing did not happen at the death of
Wyndrake? Perhaps the Trinity were stronger, better suited to deal with the outcome, they had time
to see what the people of Albion would do or how events would unfold. What ever the reason, we
can see there is a shift in the three of the Trinity and what this will be is anyone’s guess.