Ship’s Log – Kronos – Summer Moot 1023

– Clement Friday. High precip. Saturday. Quagmire conditions. Low precip.
Sunday but ground soft.
– Dragon lands for Moot. Matters with Heartlands’ ancestor or tree or
both. Word of Dwarf with delusions of grandeur – need to keep a close
eye on this.
– Typhys and Bilge both on duty aboard.
– Joined by Zalanthazar Wizard of the Sea for this spell on land. Often with
Ur doing Ur things. Hoots flew in occtnlly. Reeva amazing many with her
outstndng achvmnts in Corr. trials.
– Crew members cont to serve Iono well. Norrin did good bus’ness at new
market in Casino. Serena, S’Nap and Icarus barely keeping up with
potions demand. Need to explain to a few Albiones the nature of
market, demand and haggling. Nevertheless, left land very satisfied.
– Lib. research rec’d, now have good indicative map of main ports and
transp circles of Th’d Isles. Serena rec’d excellent research of great
interest to Kaboom.
– Received invite from Her Greatness the Matriarch of the Th’d Isles for
mtg with nations of H’lands and S’lands, re: Wellspr’g of Magic due to
flare next year at Gathering. Agreements made to spread word of her
conditions and concerns. Om met with his kind. Seemed a little glum aft.
– Used Om and Norrin’s Stick to Speak With Ancestor for first time.
Norrin’s rite talk = strong.
– Attempted to negotiate Om’s services in protecting Qu. with Sr Brandon
– no response (rude).
– Contrib’d to ritual led by crew member Rackadack – excellent of course,
both she and I.
– Incidents in Albion on land. Tempted to aid skaven issue in Ldn’m
but managed to avoid it too many keen to go, so of course bowed to
youthful enthus’m.
– Sad loss of two brave Albiones in battle: tall Hunter follower who serves
the Gl’cester Duchy and Marwin the mage.
– Acquir’d new magic metal tea cups (hot tea, but not hot hands?!)
– Total cups of tea = 14