Ship’s Log – Kronos – Grand Erdrejan Fayre 1123

– Moderate to good. Breeze day 3. Zero precip.
– Viper lands for Fayre. Issues with snake ancestor and other land-related
– Typhys on duty aboard.
– Very proud of crew. Highly successful in production and sale of assets at
H.M.’s coronation. TIME’s souvenirs v. popular indeed. Many happy
customers at Om’s and Norrin’s ‘find-the-turtle’ game and lucky dip.
Hoots provided array of delectable refreshments.
– Article on name of ship published in Testament: no response from it so
may follow up later in year.
– Am now High Adm. Albion. Discussed ports and matters with H.M. and
Corvinae re. resources and training.
– Belle off being dark. Spoopy.
– Ur busy. Gathering knowledge. Being Ur.
– Kronos won race against ‘Keelp’, Kelp Barge, by totally legitimate means.
Went to aid of said Kelp Farmer to complete unique ritual – possibly my
input only reason for success.
– Serena, S’Nap and Icarus worked hard at Alchem. Guild.
– Watched pit fights with Bilge.
– Bilge made 11 cups of tea
– Reeva v. busy with jobs/quests et cetera with Corrptrs Guild.
– Mordred arrived at Camp. Revealed self to not be a monarchist and
refused to buy quality coronation souvenirs. Shame. Red sash would
have gone with eyes.
– Smee made some tea.
– Delivered gift to Maru (Book of Compliments). Totally made her cry.
– Cheered on Harts Jugga Team.
– Om won lolly – first ever had. Enjoyed.
– Requested library card for Great Library.
– Gained my scholarship.
– Om and Norrin played games better than most. Awarded with stick that
can talk to things.
– Norrin contract with external for calligraphy.
– Norrin also made cup of tea.
– Hoots sold dagger (at last).
– Total cups of tea = 17