A legend of Seven Swords

During the scouting of Serenity, we found some grey-robed figures, of monkish appearance. On of them had a torn parchment left on him, with the following start to a tale:

"Long ago, before the Empire came to these shores and Albion was a wild place of tribes there dwelt on the shores of what we now call the Finmere Lake a man and his seven beautiful daughters. The man was old and he could no longer work his land as he had for years before, even his skills as a smith had deserted him because he was simply too old and weak to lift the hammer.

Now the old mans land was right by the lake and evil men were abroad in the land seeking to have dominion over the lake. At first they simply threatened the old man and his daughters, thinking they would leave their home in fear of these men. Yet the sisters would not allow their father to be scared out of his home. Their mother had died there and was buried on the shores of the lake and they vowed to protect her grave from these evil men.
So it was that late one night the daughters crept out of their house and made their way to the camp of the men on the far shore. As the men slept the seven sisters moved amongst them unseen and removed from all their weapons, returning once their work was done to their home.

The next morning the leader of the villains came to the house of the old man and his daughters demanding to know what they had done with the swords and spears of his men. The eldest daughter, Bela by name stood forward saying that the weapons had been sent to the depths of the lake and that if any of his men attempted to retrieve them a great ill would befall them.
The men paid no heed to the warning and waded into the lake, bent on regaining their weapons and using them to bring ruin upon the old man and his daughters.
After a short time the water of the lake began to froth and boil and none of those who had walked into the lake ever came out again. The leader of the men, Bolgar by name came once more to the old man, with fear in his eyes”

Amongst the refugees in eastern Albion over the winter, I heard this tale told at a campfire by an old man, apparently passed down through the family. It continues…

"Bolgar pleaded with the old man to be allowed to leave with his six surviving men, and that he would not bother him again, having realised that he had done wrong.

He waited as the old man considered his plea. Eventually, the old smith said that he would accept the promise, and in return would deliver seven swords to him, one each for the survivors. In some way this would ensure that Bolgar troubled him no more. Bolgar agreed and was told to return in the morning for the swords.

When Bolgar returned, the old man was alone, but gave over the swords, bidding him never to return. Turning, the chastened men travelled as far as they could from the lake, eventually collapsing beneath the stars. Awakened by crashing thunder and lightning, under a full moon, all awoke to each see a beautiful woman above them, bearing the gifted swords."

The tale teller fell silent for a while at this point, eventually stirring himself further. The tale itself was finished, only to add that Bolgar and his men were never seen again, alive or dead. Some believe that they were so unnerved, that they hid their tale away, but some told of the Swords and the Swordbearers, who defended the weak, and possibly still do.