People of Albion!

Harts, friends, allies, You may not have ‘Contribute to Ritual’ but you can contribute to The Queen’s Herald Call into the Harts camp and ask for Altariel Narwyn, Bard of Albion or Kida, her deputy!

Archduke Imposter Abound!

Have you seen this villain? Reward Offered [picture unavailable at present] The vile impostor of our beloved Archduke Phobos has been spotted in the area of Beverly, leading a group of raiders. He is believed to be nothing more than a dodgy peasant. His band of rogues are considered armed and dangerous, if somewhat inept….

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On a Reconnaisance to Beverley

As Chronicled by Kida A stalwart group of Harts made a foray into Beverley to search for signs of the traitorous Melanie. The village is now home to approximately two hundred refugees from York. Beverley, now mostly ruins, is littered with tents and temporary shelters. Despite the poor conditions the people are mostly in good…

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Mirror Mirror

During a recent excursion to Ditchit a mirror was found or acquired from a demon who absconded away leaving the mirror behind. Little is understood about this mirror. It has engaged a few in conversation and has declared that The Queen “is the fairest of them all!” The demon has explained that the death of…

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The Dame, the Dark Lord, and the Silver Lady…

Many people of faith especially followers of the Trinity in Albion were devastated when they encounted Dame Mellior, a noted motherly aspect of Nethras in her current state. She arrived escorted by a combination of ancestrals and undead herself also a combination. Dame Mellior declared that she has sided with Satuun and wishes for all…

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Unable to Acquiesce…

It was with some surprise that we found Acquiescence bound and escorted by the Demons of the Broken Spoke at our gate. The Demon explained that the court of Minsk wished to disassociate itself with her many crimes and was offering her up for trail.We knew it was a trap, she knew we knew it…

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Hellmouths, Demons, & Stones…

As Chronicled by Altariel Narwyn For those who did not attend the recent gatherings at Yule or Ditchit. Many people from Albion were gifted with insight regarding 16 stones which are connected to the 16 aspects Evil, Good, Law, Chaos, Fate, Fortune, Reality, Illusion, Time, Spirit, Knowledge, Magic, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Those gifted…

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News from the Duchies

Keswick: Keswick plays host to thousands of Albione refugees. Carlisle surrounded by miles of camps. Duke Thomas Smith committed to doing all he can to support the poor and huddled masses. York With footholds at Ditchit and Selby, York tries to hold fast against the swarms of unliving emanating from the corrupted city of York….

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Hail to the Queen!

An audience with Her Majesty, Queen Eloise Hunter. Who are you? I am Albion What do you want? Calligar’s head on a pike outside Forest Glen. Who is your hero? Sir Gawain, for his devotion, faithfulness, stalwart nature and representing everything a Hunter should be. What’s your biggest flaw? An addition to foreign ginger cake….

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Mystic Mal

Mystic Mal mostly predicts rain, mud and misery. The future according to Mystic Mal is filled with possibilities or dangers…especially for awakened creatures. Mal predicts Awakened Bane Weapons and Sense Awakened Creatures.