News from the Duchies


Keswick plays host to thousands of Albione refugees. Carlisle surrounded by miles of camps. Duke Thomas Smith committed to doing all he can to support the poor and huddled masses.

With footholds at Ditchit and Selby, York tries to hold fast against the swarms of unliving emanating from the corrupted city of York. Alas, we can report that the dwarven stronghold in the York hills has fallen.

With the forests still growing wild and dark, Gloucester remains a place to avoid. The royal stronghold at Forest Glenn welcomes any poor and unfortunate Albione still braving the treacherous lands.

Swathes of the Duchy remain underwater due to the tidal waves which racked the kingdom. The false King, Dolorous, still holds the once royal city of Winchester, spreading the filth of chaos across the once proud Duchy.

More wet than usual, the Duchy of Cornwall remains largely underwater. A small remnant of the population holds ground on an island off the mainland. It cannot be denied that the Cornish are a versatile and hardy folk.