Hellmouths, Demons, & Stones…

As Chronicled by Altariel Narwyn

For those who did not attend the recent gatherings at Yule or Ditchit.

Many people from Albion were gifted with insight regarding 16 stones which are connected to the 16 aspects Evil, Good, Law, Chaos, Fate, Fortune, Reality, Illusion, Time, Spirit, Knowledge, Magic, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Those gifted with such insight were given riddles which suggest localities in which the stones can be found.

While much speculation has taken place regarding their purpose, few certainties can be drawn. Demons are also searching for these
stones and we must find them before they have a chance fulfil whatever plan they have concocted.

Marchwood is believed to be connected to the stones and the demons. Marchwood’s history in songs have told of it’s location being used as a gate to Hell. Up till recently Marchwood has been very active with rumours regarding rifts, tearings and sightings of claws trying to tear through. Sadly this activity has developed and Marchwood has disappeared or collapsed and can no longer be seen from the skyline.

So what have these events got in common? Rumours suggest that the demons are seeking the stones to open a gateway. Demons have recently been sighted asking about the stones and enquiring whether we have managed to attain any. At present more information is needed regarding these demons, their purpose and the number of stones they have gathered.

A demonic emissary (nameless) recognisable by his icy visage accompanied by a ’peasant’ spoke to Phobos and demanded whatever stones we had threatening that his ’Master’ (also nameless) to unleash a demonic hoard upon a random Albione location.