Sheriff report on Syndicate and demonic activity in Winchester, spring 1118

My Lords and Ladies

After overhearing Ser Graff in the Royal Council mention that some of the orphans we rehomed from New Carlisle had been going missing from Darkblade Manor, I gathered some friends and allies and went to investigate.

Myself, Ector Sinclair, Althea Emmet and Corvin Blackthorne transported to Winchester and travelled to the manor, where we were met by one of the servants. I informed him we were there to investigate the missing orphans and he told us that they had all gone, and taken everything with them. The night staff couldn’t remember a single fact about the previous night, like they’d been drugged.

We entered the manor and saw that it was very bare, paintings were missing from the walls, chandeliers and candlesticks had been taken along with plates, goblets, cutlery. It seemed as if everything that wasn’t nailed down had been taken. The servants told us that Dean Grey (owner of the manor) was away in New Carlisle with the Blackhand forces at the time.

Ector found traces of Demon magic around the manor, strongest where the two men caring for the orphans were staying, but no traces found in May the Elf’s room. The Orphans room looked as if they had left in a hurry, leaving toys and unmade beds behind. There were scattered drawings on the floor of the triangular symbol that May had tatooed on her cheek.

The gentlemen’s room had lots of highly polished items in, mirrors, goblets, and Althea found a very shiny coin under one of the beds. Myself, Ector and Corvin held the coin (in a cloth) and we all heard laughter, which I recognised as May the elf. May’s room had nothing shiny in at all, it was all covered up.

We searched the grounds of the manor, one of the Black Hand guards tracked the orphans through thhe grounds towards the city of Winchester. We found various scattered objects in the grounds, as if they’d been dropped while running. The track led to the gates of Winchester, where we entered the city and I spoke to the Watch Captain. He told me that the guards from the previous night had been caught sleeping on duty and had been punished. We went to speak to the guards and Ector found the same traces of demonic energy around the guards. The guards told us that they had seen 2 children outside who claimed to be lost.

The guards went to help and the children gave them very shiny coins, after which they couldnt remember anything. Ector took the coins and looked at all 3, and told us he heard May thank him for the hospitality.

I investigated throughout the city for the missing chiildren and found the same triangle symbol graffitied and scratched on walls near taverns, traders, alleyways and the orphanage. We all headed into the orphanage and all 6 members of staff were posessed by rank 10 demons. We investigated further and found 3 more shiny coins that when all 6 coins were looked at, Ector and Corvin saw a room with 7 mirrors in, 6 of which had figures standing in the mirrors, but not in the room. The 7th mirror was empty.

After this we transported back to Tebron to gather some allies, and then headed back to Winchester. We dismissed 5 of the demons from the orphanage and captured the 6th, who we brought back to camp and interrogated. We discovered that May is a member of the Syndicate, a mysterious group that wants to be free from law.

The demon that we had captured told us that the empty mirror was for Torn, a Vampire who had been killed by the Scouts Guild, and now the Syndicate were out for revenge.

I have spoken to the Scouts guild and informed them of everything we discovered. After arriving back in Albion I have gathered some men and removed all of the Syndicate triangles from Winchester.

With any luck the demons will stay out of Winchester, as they have with New Carlsile.

As a final note I would humbly ask that you would please keep an eye out for any Syndicate activity, including their symbol and any highly polished items, particularly coins or mirrors, and would ask that you do not touch these with your bare skin.

Diev Woodsen of the KNT, Sheriff of Winchester
May 1118