Breanna Felbourne, head of the order of Nethras- memoirs

Taken from the notes within The Order Of Nethras Book.
GEF 1118
Writings by Breanna Felbourne, Head of the order of Nethras, Protector of Milford, Apprentice to Echo of Albion.

As a sit and write this in what is probably to be my last night in Keswick, I cannot help but wonder, is it possible to feel so utterly mournful yet inequivalently happy?

Two emotions tendril around my beating heart and the weight of it almost takes me breath away.

Today the King of my heart has been crowned King of the lands .

This I have no doubt is the best thing for Albion and Albion people, in a time of such conflict, in a time of the rising of chaos, so must rise the true King.

And here he lies, silent like the mountain he was born upon, he sleeps, for the first time in an age. His brow smooth, his face soft and his breathing as still as the waters of the silver lake. This bring me comfort, I know he is at peace and I know this is what he and Albion needs to survive.

He knows the duty set before him, it calls to his heart , and who am I to keep him from it?

I have always known he was destined for greatness, from the moment I opened my eyes into his, those kind unfaltering pools of green, drank in my face and bore into my soul as he lifted me from the dusty floor of the Dragonspine woods. He carried me for miles with Brother Ross at his side, and together they saved my life, as they would go on to do for thousands of others.

As he nursed me back to health, barely able to stand himself, giving up his cloak to keep my body from shuddering, I knew this was the man I would marry, and I wasn’t wrong. My heart proclaimed his love for me, in front of our most dearest, and I accepted without a single doubt.
But as the will of the Egg moves continuously through us, from happiness comes despair. I have come to accept this balance of things, this light and dark, this black and white, and as a result have become stronger with it. The darkness that we fight so eagerly to overcome is the thing that keeps us together. And so I move on to the topic of Mordred.

Meeting Mordred was unimaginably difficult. Even with Jasper Orlaine at my side I felt my hands tremble with distress. There stood the man that had killed my kin, the man that has devoted his life to gaining the one thing he cannot have. He is hated in so many lands, people pray for his destruction, and yet who moulded him into that darkened creature he is today?

I looked upon that pale face of his and I saw a child. A lonely, isolated troubled child with only one direction in front of him, that direction being hatred. Could this man be redeemed? Many would say no, many would scold me for having such thoughts, but I say have we all not made mistakes? I have felt that tug of vengeance myself, the trick is not to let it consume you but to channel it into a more constructive use of energy.

My thoughts have turned to the recently settled orphans of the wellspring. They need correct guidance , they need to be brought up in a loving and comforting environment with the correct care and attention so that we never have to endure the wrath of another tormented soul. Myself and Magnus have made it our duties to ensure that our children and futures of Albion are given not only loving homes, but jobs and a proper education. Magnus has been a perfectly delightful business partner and more importantly a friend. His kindness goes beyond duty and I expect more good to become of him as he develops into his role of Baron of the two rivers.

My flock The order of Nethras, gains strength and unity everyday. They care for each other and use their strengths to aid the lands as well as they can. I am proud to be their Mother, I am proud to stand as their voice , without them I am one women , with them we are Nethras.