Letter to The Pendragon Heir

Dictated by Lord Protector Sir Ross Pendragon to Althea Emmet, Scribe of The Pendragon Throne, during the Fayre of 1118, a mere hour before the rite was performed that crowned Wyndrake Winterheart as the True Heir of The Pendragon Throne.

Your Majesty,

There has not been a day pass that your discovery has not focused and directed my thoughts and action. This is both a blessing and a curse for your new reign is truly the remedy Albion needs in this moment. Knowing that you have been amongst our number but concealed from view has been both reassuring of your existence and frustrating as to the excellence with which the Ancestors have concealed you.

Since joining Court on the spring of 1111 I have worked tirelessly in the name of this Nation and since the Fall of Albion in the search of you. The trust that has been placed in me by the Court and the Ancestors has never failed to amaze me and now I ask that you put your trust in me. The role of Arch-Duke has, as of now, run its original course though I feel that there is much that can still be done by one of this honour. I do not believe that that is me on this day, I shall continue to serve at your pleasure until such time as you find another that should succeed me.

The Court is as strong as I have known it in my years and I am sure under your direction that its strength will only continue to grow. You are not without many fine choices to undertake this duty and I am sure that whoever you do pick will provide to you the service you require, as but humble and personal advice I say look to those you name as friends, look to those whose intelligence is greatest be it with people or words and here you shall find your Arch-Duchess.

My personal service to this Nation is unending though my time with the Court having concluded as my first duty is done. Should you be in need of my service in the weeks and months that follow you will be able to reach me either in Winchester or the Dragonspine Circle.

In Faith and Unity
Sir Ross Pendragon