A Letter to Keswick, and to Albion

I sit writing at my desk, as I have done a thousand times before, but no longer do these halls seem quite so welcoming. It will take much to fill the void that has been left here, both within this castle and this Duchy. Though, it is for the best, I believe.

When I first came to Keswick it did not feel like home. I had come from Winchester, inaccessible at the time, and had spent much time farther off still. I held no real love for these lands, or these people. I had little love for much, in truth. Though I had my new family with me, the harsh expanse of Keswick was incredibly daunting. I had not known His Majesty long when he first asked me to steward for him in Carlisle, although now it seems like a lifetime ago. I eagerly agreed, happy to have something to focus my energy into. Through him I would quickly learn to not only an incredible and enduring love of the people and lands of Keswick, but I would find in myself a purpose and a duty towards Albion and the Harts.

Though his being named True Heir does not come as a surprise to me, I also find myself in an odd sort of mourning for my friend whose life is irrevocably changed. Yet still, I am torn, as my heart is filled with pride and optimism for what is to come. I have the greatest faith that he, with my most beloved friend, his betrothed, at his side, will be the King Albion needs and deserves, but I know this will transform him into a new man, with renewed purpose.

My loss, and Keswick’s loss is Albion’s gain. He was Keswick’s, and was Keswick; her stoicism, her heart, strength of will and more than all else, her endurance. Now he is Albion’s, and is Albion; for that, we are fortunate and for that we will continue to prevail.

Iskaria Cross
Steward of Keswick
Condottiere Sergeant, Clerk and Consigliere of the Company of the Blackened Staff

Albion Prevails, Keswick Endures