The retrieval of The Crown of the true heir. Spring moot 1118

From a set of notes written by Flare Kel-Neth.

I am not usually prone to reporting to the court my activities, but as this event was certainly in the limelight and a catalyst for future events. I felt I must make my account known of the mission, to retrieve The Crown.

As you dear reader may know the Harts were upon a quest to discover the true heir to the Pendragon throne, historians and scholars will no doubt have written reams of parchment on this topic so I won’t repeat it here again. But get to the point of my own report, selfishly perhaps hoping my name to be some small foot note in the history of our current king, and the history of Albion.

At the first moot of the year 1118, the Harts were visited within their camp by a knight of Albions past. I believe Sir Ector was his name though I could be wrong. He set the Harts upon a mission to find a clue that would aid us further in the previously mentioned quest to discover Albions true heir.

Also this weekend I received promotion to the rank of Ranger of Albion, an office I still hold at the time of writing this document. The rank bestowed upon me by Lord Theo D’Arby a man I hold in high regard as a friend and leader.

With this promotion he requested the court put me in charge of the Knights mission to retrieve this clue, this he stated would be my trial by fire. The court approved the request.

The next day as the time to set out grew near I will acknowledge nerves gripped me, but I found my voice and called those willing to join me to arms. I expected a small group, perhaps 1 or 2 transport groups. The response however shocked me as I believe we numbered closer to 60. I did my best to organise and arrange this force of Albions finest.

When the time came we transported to, I believe, Queens Rest circle and promptly secured the circle unopposed. With the majority of us arrived we began to push forward in shield wall ready to face any threat we may meet.

Soon we found a hill that had a tunnel leading into it, the area swarmed with unliving and it seemed clear this was our task. The Harts forces fought fiercely, their was no call for retreat or delay as we ground our way into the tunnel.

I did my task as I seen best leading from the front and though I was felled and paralysed several times the fight continued. We pushed the unliving back. After taking a rather severe blow, I regained consciousness only to hear call of retreat from our forces. I despaired thinking we had lost upon my first leadership task and I got ready to sell my life dearly to allow our forces to escape.

I need not have been so dramatic however as the call for retreat was due to some keen eyed Hart spotting and retrieving The Crown. The rearguard was quickly organised, and the hardest task now became encouraging our forces to leave the fight, such was the determination to destroy the unliving presence.

With some cajoling and ordering, aided by more veteran Harts and my own feral nature we safely escaped the tunnel and with our exit it mysteriously caved in preventing the unliving forces from following us.

At this point I would like to name those worth commending for their assistance on this mission. Duke Wyck Carden who I appointed my second should I fall, Echo for his magical assistance and providing the frontline of our rearguard. Sir Robert, Lucan Bathroy and Hittori all proved invaluable at relaying commands. All the Harts fought well and I as a novice commander could not have hoped for a more successful mission.

I was in the last transport to return to the Harts camp and seen The Crown had been delivered to the Lord Protector Ross Pendragon and to Duke Winterheart who at the time were the leaders of our nation.

With The Crown delivered and the scholars already poring over it. I felt my task completed and set off on my other business for the day.

That is my recount to the best of my ability of that day. The Crown now sits upon the head of a man I call friend, though matters in Albion, meant I was unable to be there during his coronation, I will see him soon to congratulate and likely tease him on this.

By the Will of the Hunter.

Captain Flare Kel-Neth Company of the Blackened Staff
Earl of Nottingham, Knight Commander and Alpha of the Order of the Stag, Ranger of Albion.