Foreign Detail Missive: The Second Moot 1118

– From the Former Lord Ambassador of Albion

Subjects of the Albion Throne, I write to keep you abreast of events taking place outside our borders, and across Erdreja. Whilst I do so currently from outside of the formal role of Lord Ambassador, the events took place during my tenure and the following missive is given honestly.

Declaration of War

At the time of writing, Albion is now in a state of war with the Unicorns of Mauritanjan Archipelago. His Majesty Arthurus Magnus, following the Signing of the Faction Collaboration Accord with the Gryphons of Lyonesse and Estragales, roused the people of both factions, along with our Allies the Lions and Friends the Wolves, to confront the Unicorns.  This was as a result of the Unicorns none aggression pack with Albions Enemy Æthelwald and their foul treatment of our Allies the Lions of Lantia, to whom they had acted aggressively, at a time when the Lions were few in number.

Following consultation between the faction leaders at the gate of the Unicorns, His Royal Majesty saw fit to declare war on the Unicorns, in line with the Gathering Charter, and the parties met with the Militia Guild to agree terms.

Following aggressive negotiations with the Unicorns, His Majesty and the Lord Ambassador, Lucan Bathroy, were able to steer the Unicorns away from all-out war and agree a middle ground to the conflict.

The agreement, so as to be known to all Subjects of the Albion Throne, is as follows:

  • Ten names are to be provided to the Militia guild, by each faction, as targets of the war.  The named ten are to be the only casualties of the war.
  • Five names are to be provided for Diplomatic Immunity.  These named five are to act as official liaisons between the warring factions and work to keep a communication channel open at all times. These named five are not to be harmed in anyway.
  • Members of each faction, not named on the list of ten targets, may be harmed in the conflict, but are not to be killed.
  • The resolution of the war can be reached by one of the following three events:
    • One faction succeeds in killing the others ten named targets
    • One faction capitulates and surrenders
    • The Ambassadors of each nation table an agreement that is acceptable to both factions, which ends the conflict
  • Theft, or ‘Spoils of War’, are acceptable during the conflict. However, Iconic items of either faction are exempt from this and are not be taken under any circumstance.
  • Factions may be aided by their Allies during the war, but may not name their members in their list of ten named targets.

May the Ancestors guide our swords and shield us from harm in this conflict.


Factional Allegiances

In light of our State of War, I feel it prudent to provide a status update on our current standing with other factions.

Bears: We have no formal alliance with the Bears and attaining one it writing would prove troublesome, due to their aversion to written laws and agreements. However, following on and off conflicts and disagreements, our relationship with our northern neighbour proves to be healthy and amicable at this time.

Lions: We have a formal Peace Accord with the Lions and as such, our relations with them are strong. Our once brothers and sisters are always welcoming to us and were quick to answer our calls when we sent for King Arthur’s shield, prior to the ritual to find the heir. I trust to find them standing beside us in the conflict ahead.

Dragons: Whilst having no formal written agreement with the Dragons, we do have a verbal understanding and they have been long-time friends and allies of the Harts.  We frequent one another at gatherings of all nations through the year and both factions are always warmly welcomed into each other’s camps. They have fought beside us on many occasions; however will not do so during the war with the Unicorns, as they also share an Alliance with the Unicorns. This said, Dwyn (Lord Dragon & High King), has agreed to provide healing and hospitality to either warring faction, without prejudice.

Gryphons: A formal written Collaboration Accord has now been signed with the Gryphons, who share many similarities with our great nation. With this agreement now made, we hope to see our new friends and allies rally to help us in the conflict ahead.

Jackals: There is no formal Alliance between the Jackals and the Harts. However, following our aid on the lead up to and during the conflict at Al’Qafar, there has been a mutual respect and understanding between our two Factions.  It is as yet unknown what side, if any, the Jackals will take in this conflict.

Vipers: No Alliance exists between the Harts and Vipers. Whilst we have not always seen eye to eye, there has been little conflict between our nations in recent years (even following the raising of Londinium, which caused a tidal wave to hit the lands of the Vipers). As the Vipers and Unicorns are close Allies, we should expect to see this Faction strike out against us, using every tool they possess to do so.

Tarantulas: As with the Vipers, no formal alliance exists with the Tarantulas and our relationship with them has always been a somewhat distant one, owing to the stark differences in our cultures.  However, there has also been little in the way of conflict in recent years. The Tarantulas have formally stated that they will not stand with Albion in this war, as Albion has not been able to provide evidence of any wrongdoing by the Unicorns, in relation to aiding Æthelwald.  However, should this mean that the Tarantulas will actively fight the Harts in the war remains to be seen.

Wolves:  Whilst recent years have seen the Wolves come back into the fold, their relationship with many Factions is still in a state of development.  However, a formal request was made by the Faction to agree an Accord, similar in nature to that shared between the Harts and the Lions and Gryphons. As a result, a short term accord was signed between the Wolves and Harts at the Second Moot, with an agreement to begin negotiating something more formal at the Gathering.  As such, we should expect to see the Wolves support us in the coming conflict.


Faction Collaboration Accord

Our great nation has now signed a Collaboration Accord with our friends the Gryphons of Lyonesse and Estragales.  His Royal Majesty signed the accord, alongside the Lord Gryphon, at the Gryphons camp on the Saturday of the Second Moot.  This Accord is accessible to any subject of the Albion Throne, by making a request to the Lord Ambassador (Formally Lucan Bathroy), or to the Library of Brighthelm Stane.  

This Accord seals into agreement, not an alliance, but an agreement for both nations to work together for mutual benefit and prosperity, whilst also allowing access to aid during times of need and conflict. It also sets out how the Subjects and People of both nations should be treat when traveling through the lands of the other.



The Harts of Albion, at the request of the Tarantulan Empire, attended the island known as Downfall, within the great lava lake of the Underdark.  There we stood against the forces of the Ancestor Satuun, who has besieged the Tarantulas for over three years. The Nations and Guild of the Gathering Charter were successful in vanquishing their foe, through both martial prowess and magical proficiency. With the foe slain, the island of Downfall began to sink back into the lava lake from whence it came. The court swiftly made its farewells before transporting back to Winchester, to attend the King at court.


…End of Missive…

Lucan Torres Bathroy, Former Lord Ambassador of Albion, Cup Bearer to His Royal Majesty Arthurus Magnus, Dean of Bathroy Academy for the Gentry, and Mayor of High Gate.