Make sand-castles, not war!

The poor wretches of the nations of Albion, Cymrija, and Erin, cast adrift by war and famine, seeking refuge on the Holy Isle of Caer Dannon, remain steadfast. In the face of incursion from hostile forces, and under the threat of war, they are resolute and unyielding in their devotion to the defence of the Holy places.

They do what they can to maintain a normal standard of life, caring for their children and families, every day will bring the invasion.

The hostile forces landed upon the beaches of Caer Dannon some time ago, and have since formed a beachhead. And, that’s about it.

The soldiers on the beaches sit around all day building sandcastles, whilst the leaders and nobles are nowhere to be seen.

The rumours around factions are that the instigators are too scared to set foot on the Isle.