Selby struck by a wave of crime and anarchy!

As Chronicled by John Carpenter

It started six months ago with the news that a Lyonesse Woman had been brutally crushed to death outside ‘The King’s Head’ Inn, in Selby. Yet while there was a brief peace, it appears Selby slows seems to be crumbling into anarchy.

A spate of recent murders has occurred across the city – many of the targets being members of the Circle Guard tasked with guarding the city’s elaborate circle from attack. Likewise many citizens appear to have been targeted, all from a wide variety of races, backgrounds and wealth.

Indeed, not last week a member of the Circle Guard, Alexander Price, a keen and loyal member of the local community was found, battered and blooded in the street, just minutes from his home. His wife, Cecilia claimed that; “He was always a hardworking man. He always did his duty – for Albion, and for its people. He didn’t care for title or money. All he wanted to do, was ensure people were safe-“ Alexander was laid to rest later that day with all the honours given to a member of our limited military who dedicate their lives to our protection.

Many put the blame of this recent crime on an individual who calls himself ‘Selby’. This figure, said to bound across the roof tops at night, is an enigmatic force which moves through the city, and it is claimed he is a hub for crime wherever he steps. Despite this – none have directly seen Selby and apparently lived to tell the tale. Yet it is for this reason that this report believes this is just a fabricated story – a lie to hide the real killer, who preys on our community. It is urged that any crime you find in the city is reported to the local Sheriff’s office. Remember, be vigilant, and justice will prevail.