A Beautiful Grove in the Heart of the Forest by Fark Mitt

Hello darlings, I hope you’re keeping well!

I’m writing to you because of the wonderful grove which has sprung up in the heart of our most verdant and beautiful cities, Forest Glenn. Like her majesty herself, the grove captures the very heart of what it means to be Albione, its trees encompassing the spirit of Albion in each unique way. It is the belief of this gardener, that these are unique specimens and that whosoever has helped to cultivate them is clearly a Master in their craft. It is my recommendation that any who care so much as an inch about the beauty of our Hunter given countryside, go and visit – to breath the fresh air and hear the sound of the babbling brook.

I tip my hat off to whosoever has brought this wonderful orchard to our fair capital, for it is the finest example of Albion horticulture and something truly to be proud of. Bravo!