From the mouth of High King of Erin Cael

Caer Dannon, an island of refugees and victims of the wars that have torn Albion, Erin and Cymria, now invaded by a group of hypocrites who won’t even declare their own armies. Whose people have no interest in the war or claiming the land, but must heed the commands of their tyranny or madness driven rulers, each member of the ‘alliance of faith’ thinking the others are the pawns in their little trinity. I suppose at least the Tarantulas are honest in their invasion and not hiding behind thinly veiled dreams of conquest pretending to be ‘matters of faith’. Faithless are we? Words spoken from those whose ancestors are silent to them, or whos faith is so weak they need their ancestors to walk with them or they’d forget them? This is nothing but a petty show of power, the factions within continuously attempt to bully those around them, and this is nothing new, they think that because they have bloodied the vipers in the past the heartlands is somewhere they can stomp around like their sandpit. We will make them think again.