YorK’s dead march on camp

Once dead Harts, resurrected by foul necromancy, come in force to attack the Harts camp

A shambling horde of Unliving constructs attacked the camp in force at the Fayre. A hard slog, which required aid from the nearby Dragons camp, left the Harts in a bad way. Upon inspection of a body, it was clear that the beings were made up of parts of dead Harts. Some bore the insignia of the York battalion, others of the Crows.

Sathereal Auvreamtor,of the Crows of Albion, known to most as “Cupcake”, spoke to the Herald, after taking great pleasure in dismissing one of the demons the Harts had interrogated. “I remember seeing the devastation in York as the fall of Albion started. The Crow battalion stationed there lying dead, still in their formations. They gave their lives to save York. So to see those same men and women used as parts of a twisted Unliving force was an attack on the memory of those who fought and died for Albion. Taking down this force and dismissing them from this plane helped wipe the stain on the memory of York battalion. For above all we should fight to keep the memory of those heroes of the Crows and other fighting Albione forces alive.”