Do you like drinking?
Do you like violence?
Do you like going to strange, foreign lands, meeting interesting people, then
kicking their back doors in?
Are you a Dwarf, or of a sufficiently Dwarfy nature?
Then the Ironfist Expeditionary Force wants you! Only THE toughest, hardest, sexiest band of face kickers will do!
Whether we’re fighting for Queen and country, helping our allies in foreign lands, or just going on a pub crawl, the IEF will be there to make Albion proud (and probably ashamed in equal measure).
If you think you’ve got the stones, come by the Harts camp, and ask for Flint.
The IEF. BANG! And the problem’s gone!

The Adventurer’s Charter welcomes wanderers from across the realms of Erdreja! Seeking adventure, fame, and riches? Then look no further! Come share a tale or two; stop by the Charter bar at the Harts Camp, and ask for Crispin Du’Vie!

Join the Crows!
See the World!
Die alone!
Come to the Harts camp and ask for Ma Crow.