Dwarven Stronghold AttacKed!

The Dwarven Stronghold, nestled in the peaks not far from York, has recently come under attack.
Witnesses claim a great and terrible creature destroyed part of the hillside, and was seen to flee the area, carrying two bodies.
The Herald believes these bodies to have been those of the Lowking and Lowqueen of the Dwarves in Albion.
It is believed that, at the time of printing, both the Lowking and Lowqueen are alive. Some rumours claim that the Lowking has been rescued from the creature’s grasp.

Dreth Stonebreaker, a dwarf of the Stronghold, came to court in search of Flint Ironfist, cousin to the Lowking.
He claimed that the creature didn’t break into the Stronghold, but broke out. According to sources, there is a legend of a creature imprisoned far below the Stronghold. Dismissed as an “old wives tale”, the legend tells of an imprisoned Manticore. Despite the dismissal from several high-ranking Dwarves, the description of the creature matches that of a Manticore. Speaking after the attack, Dreth Stonebreaker claimed the creature to be “A great big bastard with some slinky cat-like body, and a spiked tail. It had a man’s or an elf’s face, but with a frightening amount of teeth.”

He went onto to claim the creature seemed to shape-shift at will into a more human/elven figure. The creature had allegedly forced the dwarves to dig in the deep areas of the Stronghold, before taking the Lowking and Lowqueen, and heading North-West.

Almost as soon as news of the attack reached the court, a detachment of Harts, led by Flint Stoneheart, transported to the Stronghold.

At this time, reports are vague and mixed with rumour, but the Herald can say with some certainty that the “Manticore” is at large somewhere in the vicinity of Naseby, in the Duchy of Keswick.
It is unclear whether this creature has some relation to the prophecies delivered to the Queen at the Fayre. However, sources close to the throne believe there is a distinct possibility that these events are related in some way.