New Tebron auctioned

Briar, the boy King of New Tebron, has auctioned off the governance of vast swathes of his kingdom.

Once known as the Spine of Tebron, these lands saw the birth and rise of the Empire of Man, which sought dominion over the Heartlands and Southlands.

Now, with Briar on the throne, New Tebron seeks to reintegrate itself with the Heartlands, and usher in a new age for it’s people.
It is a long held tradition in these lands that the governance of territory be auctioned off. In line with this, King Briar approached a number of nations, groups, and communities, offering them the right to bid.

The Harts were among the nations approached, however after long and careful consideration, Albion declined to enter a bid, due to the current situation of the realm. It was felt that attention should not be taken away from the challenges we face in our home.
Briar was recently rescued from imprisonment in Nihon by a Gryphon led force. A contingent of Harts, led by Uther Karlennon, were pivotal in the safe return of the boy King.