Weights and Measures?

A source within the Sherriff of Keswick’s
office, who for obvious reasons has asked to
remain anonymous, has written to the
Cream Tease to highlight a discrepancy in
the formality of Albion’s law in respect of
the act, of lack thereof, relating to Weights
and Measures pertaining to the sale and
distribution of alcohol and other controlled
substances within Albion. Whilst one could
argue that the need for such an act in such
an upstanding symbol of law and order in
Albion should not be required, it’s not gone
unnoticed to the editors of this newspaper
that the legality of ‘Weights and Measures’
has often been used to discredit or impugn
the good name and nature of fine drinking
establishments such as The Caravan and the
Drunken Duck. In light of this evidence, will
an apology be forthcoming? Perhaps this
coming to light may also mean an increase
in demand and thus requirements for
supply, to Albion’s shore or controlled
substances? I’m sure the Cathayans will be
interested! We look forward to updating
you in our next issue.
The editor would also like it noted that at
the Cream Tease, six inches is /always/ six