Juicy Little Nuggets

TAILOR REQUIRED: Will need to be
patient, long-suffering and willing to do
repeat work. Ability to mend tears as well
as sew new shirts to a specific design or
two. You will be kept busy.
Please apply in writing to Braigwen Vanya,
at the Cream Tease in the Harts camp. All
applications considered.

RUMOURS abound that a safe haven for all
disgruntled Albiones exists in the Spine of
Tebron, at a place called ‘Queen’s
Orchard’. The specific nature of
‘disgruntledness’ that may be welcome
there was not specified by our anonymous


COURT NEWS: The word amongst the
great and good is that our beloved and
esteemed Lord Protector is looking for a
wife. Applications are to be made in
person to the Lord Ambassador. Brother
Ross is a fan of law, pedantry and long
musters in cold winds.
Please, no unliving as dismissal often


The Testament – Read the Best? Now read
the Rest! The Testaments – nothing but the
*Terms and Conditions apply

Barbarians are a growing problem during large
factional gatherings. During the Moot a small
horde of woad-covered maniacs laid brief siege
to the Cream Tease before stealing a large
amount of chalk (possibly other things too) and
vandalising the faction gates with all sorts of
crudities (and we’re not talking about sliced
veggies). How long are innocent albiones
expected to put up with these sheep-bothering
degenerates and their depredations?