Love in a cold climate?

Lord Wyndrake, the second most handsome
and eligible bachelor in all of Albion, behind
only the Baron of Dreams himself (and what a
behind, phwoar!) has been spotted gazing out
over the wild North in potentially intimate
company. Such a person must be out of the
ordinary indeed to command the attention of
one of the land’s true heroes, but who are
they? This paper has done its usual
unbelievable standard of research, and has
made some startling discoveries.
Many things have been speculated about this
mysterious figure, and the stoic Wyndrake
gives little away. One thought is that she is a
noble lady courting incognito, not wanting to
cause scandal. Reckless behaviour such as this
would bring many questions to her father’s
doort that she may wish to avoid. Going
hidden like this could be a way to escape from
the confines of courtly life, indulging a wild and
fanciful dream of hers. Although with his
Grace’s impeccable reputation for stoicism,
surely such a petty dalliance would turn him
away. No courtly maid with flighty thoughts
would be the equal of him, and the Duke has
always driven to excel at everything he strives
for. A more plausible explanation must be the
Lewd behaviour, preserving his reputation for
naught but a tumble down the fells? Even to
suggest it is ludicrous, Windrake’s purity is the
stuff that ballads are written of.
Failing these options, the great man himself
must have found a woman his equal, ready to
stand strong at his side. And in keeping her
identity secret they may grow powerful
together, away from the eyes of those that
might try to prevent what they do not
Yes, dear reader, this is what our intrepid
reporters have uncovered, and soon our noble
man of the North will be ready to reveal his
secret to the world.
The exact name or station of this shrouded
figure is still a mystery, but whoever she is, this
paper is certain that she will stand behind our
steadfast Duke, ready to help guide his way and
lend her aid in leading Albion into whatever
future the Fates have planned for us all.