The Mage and the Creature in the Dark.

Well the truth is that, in the forest lives a strange creature, It is actually a form of a petrified tree. Know as a sentinel it was created over 300 years ago to guard a great secret. Created from pure magic and the element of fire and stone, the creature still to this days protects the ruins and caves of the Blackwood. The Sentinel was created in a old ritual circle. During the ritual the ritualist and her team, were killed due to a mistake in the performance. The circle was destroyed, but a magical residue was left behind. This area was over grown and is now known as the Dark Oak grove. The sentinels task was to protect the fort which stood to the north of the now positioned Blackwood keep. The forest was once held by a great mage, called Morran Eldwen, and in a tower surrounded by a fort were homed the archives of a the mage. The pride of her collection was a single page, from an ancient text. This text spoke of the power of life, death and dominion above all. The mage was very careful to keep knowledge of her possession quiet, but in her ventures to decipher the text, others became aware of the presence of the page and sort to acquire it. After one failed attempt, the Mage Morran, called her ritual team and stepped into the circle. After many days of preparation and practice, a ritual was performed to create a guardian for the archive.

Calling upon the element of Fire and earth to combine, she made a bargain to give life to the element for the granting of life, however when the time to sacrifice a life came, Morran tried to escape her bargain. The result was the clash of fire and earth magic. Which destroyed the circle and the entire ritual team. One onlooker, Morrans servant witnessed this event. When the flames died, “all that remained in the circle was a tall tree creature of living stone”. The sentinel in a strange quirk of magic and fate, Morran had succeeded and created the sentinel, its orders still remained, even to this day. Somewhere in the ruins, lies the forgotten texts. And the sentinel will protect them forever. Under the watch of the silver guardian from the tower unseen. The destruction of the circle caused magic to posses the grounds and soon the circle was overgrown and forgotten.

The Sentinel still walks the woods even today. Some of the Rangers claim to have seen it a few times in the north of the woods.

Copies gifted by Victoria of House Batan, 1112