Battle of the Blue

Two ogres stood on a hillside both wishing to live upon it, for it was the most beauteous hillside in the whole woods and although friends from childhood only one could live there. From this hill you could see the vast mountains and shimmering blue lakes. The two ogres decided that they should have an honour duel in order to determine who could live on the hillside. So they agreed to return the following day and fight it out.

Now the first ogre, Kond, went back to his cave, practised his fighting and prayed to the mighty elements for his victory. While the other ogre Mir went back to his cave and cooked up an evil poison created from the green bile of the earth.

The following day the two ogres yet again met on the hillside and as they shook hands to begin the duel the evil Mir stabbed the honourable Kond with a poisoned and cowardly blade. Kond fell to the floor as the poison crept through his system praying to the elements for aide as Mir laughed in victory.

For this treachery and dishonour the lakes rose and flowed towards the two ogres, the blue waters swirled around their feet, even in his weakened state Kond tried to save his friend, but Mir was washed away, never to be seen again.

The blue waters in front of Kond rose into the form of a beautiful shimmery silver woman who said ” for your honour and your mercy i will save your life, so your people may be as pure of heart as you” with this she kissed the ogre and ran her fingers down his cheeks, leaving blue lines. The water then returned to the lakes and Kond found himself alone on the hillside, with nothing but a blue rock within his hands.

Kond grew to be a great leader of his tribe, which he raised on that very hillside and as a mark of honour in battle a warrior would receive a blue mark make with powder from the very stone he received in that first battle of the tribes.

Copies gifted by Victoria of House Batan, 1112