The Aftermath – to End A War

In the wake of the war with the Tomorrow Court, at the end of May 1099, the following information spread throughout Albion by word of mouth.

1) The Fae have fled to Cymrija. They only stopped to fight things that were in the way, although they did stop long enough to damage some of the rebuilding work at Hereford. It took four days of constant harassment by Wolf and Albion armies to keep them moving.
2) The Ritualist, Khiane, who operated the circle at Sherburn Keep (to uphold the transport gate), was so exhausted by the task that he may never be able to conduct ritual again. One of his contributors also died. Neither circle at Stretton or Sherburn are operable at present. The Keep at Sherburn was isolated for a while, but the Tomorrow Court had lost too many special assets and were under too much pressure to be able to storm it as they did Poynton.
3) The Mages Guild have said the Stretton and Sherburn Circles should recover, but not for some time and it is better not to “force the issue”.
4) The Ritualist at Finmere circle reports that its power was used during Saturday. It is assumed that it was this that enabled the Tomorrow Court to use the defunct Circle at Kingsfield.
5) Winchester successfully fought off the Tomorrow Court. The outer wall was breached in two places, though repairs are in hand. Significant portions of the city were damaged by siege weapons and fire. Civilian casualties are reported light, most being taken into the Citadel before the breaches were exploited. It’s difficult to draw the line between Civilian and military here, though, as some ordinary folk died defending their homes, having decided to stay, and others were killed by enemy projectiles during the earlier part of the siege whilst running supplies and messages to the defenders and operating field hospitals.
6) The disruption of ritual Circle activity in the Northern parts of Albion had subsided by the time any of the groups reached an operating facility. Apart from the overtaxed Circles at Stretton and Sherburn Keep, Ritual Circle activity in Albion is now back to normal.
7) Poynton Keep is a ruined burnt out shell. Atrocity was committed on the bodies of the defenders.
8) A triangle of Albion bordered approximately by Winchester, Poynton Keep and Silverlake-Hereford (the tip’s clipped off…) is in a bad state. Crops are burned or trampled, and livestock scattered or slaughtered. Most of the common or garden structures have been razed or fired. There is a refugee problem, but it’s not huge, because the Tomorrow Court killed too many of the common folk who could not flee quickly enough, or would not. They hadn’t time to deal with prisoners.
9) The civilised rules of war adhered to (in the main) by the regular soldiery (in spite of often stern provocation), bore fruit in the willingness of isolated, cut off and surrounded elements of the Tomorrow Court Host to surrender when faced with overwhelming odds rather than fight to the death, costing Hart blood. We have a Prisoner of War problem.