The Black Hand

blackhandBased: Barony of Kingsfield (in
the County of Worchester and the Duchy
of Winchester)
Heraldry: A sable hand over a
argent field.
Leader: Valen
Further Information:

The Oath of the Black Hand


We are The Order of the Black Hand
We walk the places no others can
We are a line that no enemy will pass
We do not withdraw, no matter the reason
We stand between the Darkness and the Light
We live for the Order
We die for the Order

Formed in the year 1103 by Valen Darkblade and Kysumoto Omura, The Order of the Black Hand became known to the Harts as a group of like-minded souls who would fight with valour in battle, follow their leader without question, and ultimately cause the demise of those that stood in their way.

TOOTBHSo it remained for many years and long battle campaigns, their numbers swelled, suffered and recovered, seeing friends and foe alike crushed in the unstoppable force of War.

The most recent of losses was in the spring of 1110 with the fall of Valen himself, but the group he built lived on to pursue his original vision and to ensure that his legacy survived.


Those who survive Valen and carry forward the legacy that is the Order of the Black Hand know that our losses were not in vain. We are all immensely proud to serve Albion and the Pendragon throne, and will all eventually lay down our lives doing so if we are called.

The Harts have given the Black Hand a place to grow and earn positions within the nobility, for some, free from the oppression that some experienced in their homelands, and to this end we will continue to serve them for as long as they have need of us.

The current active Black Hand members are:

Utred Ketilson – a fey who now carries the honour of being the leader of the Black Hand.
Thessias DarkBlade – a Dark Elf from the same bloodline as Valen himself.
Chakra – A human warrior, loyal, unswerving in his loyalty to both Albion and the Order.
Dean Grey – Sorcerer and the Deputy high Mage of the Harts, recently bestowed the title of Baron of Bollington.
Paul Sanchez – Warrior and all round jolly fellow who enjoys handing out a good thrashing to his opponents
Samake – Healer
Ross Urswick – Latest recruit to come to the attention of Baron Grey and join the ranks of the Order.

There are a few inactive members but the above are the ones who are most likely to be seen attending court as part of the Harts of Albion.

The Order adheres to a code. They work together as a battlefield skirmish unit, sometimes walking a fine line, doing what must be done to achieve their goals and those of the Harts.

This code has allowed the Order to flourish and grow into what it has become today; a select and highly skilled group of warriors and magic users, enabling the Order to gain status within the Harts by earning the respect of those who we in turn look up to. Also hitting things usually helps, especially if it is attacking the Harts.

Having risen from a relatively small group to one which although small in number does have a surprising number of allies within the Harts, notably the Reapers, The Crows and the new Lord Regent, whom several of the order accompanied while he was fulfilling the duties as Lord Chamberlain and chief diplomat.

Where the Lord Regent goes, it can be assumed that the Order of the Black Hand will not be far behind, ready to deal with any threats with swift, ruthless efficiency.

Dean Grey (Head of Practical Arcane Arts),Spring 1111