Company of the Blackened Staff

Company of the Blackened Staff:

A History of Small Beginnings, Gains, Losses, Traitors, Boring though it is, the only way to tell a history is from its beginning. The Company, in its infancy,had set up operations within a fortified manor in the city of Syracuse, Sicilija. It appeared outwardly to be a small mercenary unit in training; however in those days they did not actively recruit andwere mostly believed to be taking contracts off the Island. No Great House had formally recognised them as Condottieri. Many were even unsure that they would be able to afford the somewhat ample manor they seemed to be renting. However, in 1102 at the Grand Ball in Messina, held by Don Deodati, the mystery was solved. The then Don, Molinari, ‘The Bull of Palermo’, who was believed to be murdered or kidnapped by his demon son Niccoli, arrived in attendance with the Company of the Blackened Staff.

One of the Don’s first actions upon his return was to arrange for the public recognition of the Company as Sicilijan Condottieri. This would ensure that they had the right to take contract on the Island. He had revealed that for the last three years they had been his personal guards, keeping him safe from the attempts of his demon possessed son. Such a broad sweeping ploy with such finesse was quite typical of The Bull.

At the end of the Grand Ball (assisted by the attending guests and elements of the Companies of the Blackened Staff, the Black Boar and the Eagle’s Reach) the Don succeeded in binding the Demon Gruganu who had possessed his son, though it cost him his life. The new Donna Di Mollinari, already possessing a contract for her own Condottieri, was not in need of a second company, so the Company took contract with Don Giancarlo Di Brevari to perform some tunnel clearance work for him. However, the Company found that the Don’s requirements left much of its forces unutilised so dispatched a number of them to examine the Heartlands and see if there was money to be made there. Eclipse, Captain of the Company, had found contracts there for small scale body guarding, eventually taking up a contract with House Beaumarise. At the end of 1103, when that contract ended, a new contract with House Karlennon was signed by the now established Albioine unit while the Sicilijan unit resigned their contract with Don Brevari.

Until very recently the contract between House Karlennon and the Company had been renewed and the Company was offered Sept House status by the Karlennon council. The Company took the house name Kel’Neth, their Arms, party per pale, dexter argent sinister gules; over all Gallic arbor (vertical split left white, right red (from holder’s point of view) with a Celtic tree over the centre). It is believed the Sept status has not been revoked and this will be investigated.

1109 Septimus recruited to the Company from the Ruathar.

1110 Flare joins the Company, later that year Wildfire also joins the Company.

1112 Spring Moot onwards: Calligar’s attacks and unnatural devastation to the land drive the people and forces of Albion away from the country. The Company and its attendants are split between a refugee camp near Carlisle and Syracuse (Sicilijia). The Company's Albion forces are currently camped in the Havoc’s Mountains, north of the city of Keswick.

1114 Gathering: Wildfire is made acting Captain, Flare acting Sergeant. Icthus joins the Company becoming acting Chaplain and Iskaria joins the Company becoming acting Clerk.

1115: Wildfire becomes Lord Arcane of the Harts of Albion and promotes Flare Kel’Neth to captaincy of the Company; the Company also swears an oath of loyalty to Queen Eloise. The Company’s ranks continue to swell with recruits as Mandrake Briarwood, Raphael De Medici, Gideon and Aurora Kel’Neth also join their numbers. Iskaria rises to the rank of Corporal, Consigliere and Clerk. Mandrake is promoted to Lance Corporal and Icthus is made official Chaplain.

The Company is constantly evolving to meet the new Albion, and Flare would be the first to say they are not the Company of old. Currently based in the Northern Mountains of Keswick where they are leading an effort to build a fortified tunnel through the mountain range.

Current active membership:

Flare Kel’Neth

Icthus Rayne

Iskaria Cross

Mandrake Briarwood


Septimus Smithson

Raphael De Medici

Aurora Kel’Neth


Dark Cloud

Current Leader: Flare Kel’Neth, Ranger of Keswick

Location: North Keswick [in the mountains] Havoc, Carlisle