Based: Barony of Southampton
(in the County of Exeter and the Duchy
of Cornwall)
Heraldry: Red dragon circling
an oak tree.
Leader: Warmaster Arfon Yorath

"… Much of our people’s recent history
is a bit of a blur for me, for when the grand
events happened, I was not much more than a boy.
I remember the burning, and the eerie mist which
hung to the bases of the trees. I remember brother
turning against brother and father against son.
I remember the rivers running red with the blood
of my family.

Most of all, I remember our panicked flight
from Caer Glas. Later, I have brief recollections
of meetings in a dreary, miserable tent city …
Caradoc’s booming voice commanding us to seek
out Dalamor once again. So many brief flashes,
they all seem so distant now. I remember the swearing
of an Oath to Queen Elspeth of Albion. We are
all Harts now.

When the Empire invaded Cymrija, we thought
the Dragons were getting what they deserved. It
wasn’t long before the men or Iron and Stone of
the Imperial Legion were marching outside our
beloved woods … "

Arfon Yorath, Leader
of the Warriors, 1105