Report – Stretton

After receiving reports that there was something strange happening at the town of Stretton shortly after I was given the title of Earl of Chester it was decided that the rumours should be investigated.
After a small short talk a small somewhat cobbled together team consisting of a few notable members such as Azazel, Wulf, Septimus and many members of the Company of the Blackened Staff along with myself and some others set off to investigate.
The plan was simple; transport in and have a look around to see if any disturbances could be seen, however measures for safety were taken in the form of having Azazel begin a transport rite as soon as arrived just in case the circle was a hot zone of dangerous activity.
This plan turned out to be our saving grace as the Trinity must have been watching over us that day, not 5 seconds after we transported in we were met with fierce and bloodthirsty resistance by what were later to be confirmed as Caligars followers.
Although they were small in number they weren’t to be taken lightly and in the first few minutes many of the transport group had fallen with only 4 or 5 of us left standing, luckily with Excalibur by my side I could hold my own all while Septimus and Icthus summoned forth the very essence of their magical prowess to destroy as many followers as they could.
As Azazel continued his rite, shrugging off blows and concentrating on saving the rest of us he finally managed to breathe the last few words and evacuated us all from a close call with our Ancestors.
We later learned that the town of Stretton is now overrun and contains an army of Calligar.
Perhaps going to Stretton wasn’t the best idea I’ve had.
Dagos Thorne – Earl of Chester