The Wild Hunt

It has come to the attention of the Royal Huntsman that there have been instances of the Wild Hunt being mentioned by creatures that claim to be following Calligar.
It was felt pertinent by myself that the populace be informed of the rules regarding a Wild Hunt due to the fact that the Wild Hunt is not quite as wild as one would expect. These rules are important for the safety and wellbeing of all people whilst we are here in Chapel Perilous and may indeed come in useful in further endeavours.
The rules are simple and must be followed explicitly and to the letter.
(It should be noted that often the hunt pertains only to were creatures and Beastkin and at other times refers to all races so please ensure you are aware as to how your race can affect the outcome of following (or not following) these rules.
Rule 1
All who run are prey. Prey is to be killed.
Rule 2
All who fight are prey. Prey is to be killed.
Rule 3
All who stand but do not attack are to be left, as they are not prey.
Rule 4
All who join the hunt will be treated as kin unless they flee or perform an offensive action against members of the hunt.
It is of upmost importance that word of these rules be spread around amongst the factions that are assembled here.
It has also been noted that there are some strange icons and shrines currently located in Chapel Perilous. The powers and effects of these shrines are currently unknown and people are advised to not tinker with what they do not understand.
Theo D’Arby
Royal Huntsman