Report –┬áBroken Sword

Take heed, as I offer rare advice on dealing with my kind. The Fae are the first born, the greatest of Edrejas children. But for all our honour, all our glory and beneficence we are dangerous friends to have.
A simple Fae even a child of Summer, will with no compunction slay you out of hand should you fail them, renege on a deal or cease to be amusing. That capriciousness is magnified hundred fold in the children of the Winter, those of us who walk in the Twilight often need no reason beyond the simple pleasure of taking a life.
As you climb the precarious steps of what lesser beings perceive as rank, the more dangerous an adversary we become. A Fae Lord or Lady is a master of nuance, a single phrase delivered with elegance is often enough to seal a mortals fate.
Which brings me to the purpose of this missive, His Grace Lord Wyndrake asked of me advice on the Fallen One, the so called Broken Sword.
A traitor, Kin slayer and conjurer of fell magics the individual known by the moniker Broken Sword is no simple foe. Insidious, a creeping malignancy deadlier than the foulest plague ever unleashed upon Albion’s shores. A single word from his lips will bring you ruin, if you hold a compact with him or with Lord Callum who he has masqueraded as for untold time – I suggest you pray to whichever Ancestor you hold dear and beg forgiveness for you’re poor choices.
Broken Sword bears weapons older and more powerful than those I can claim so if you seek counsel on deals made I will offer ear, though not always aid. But know this Lords of the Fae be it that they walk in the Sunlight or the Twilight, will attempt to trick you, to get the better of our dealings, we like to win.
Broken Sword is not like us, he knows only selfishness. Broken Sword will betray you.
Lord Yaska of the Frozen Court, Dreadfrost of Albion, Master Armourer of Albion, Master of the Mages Guild of Edreja.