Based: Barony of Milford (in
the County of Nottingham and the Duchy
of Keswick)
Heraldry: Despite repeated petitions the Royal College Of Heralds has so far refused to recognise the OrcShunEars’ "brilliant dress sense" as a formal coat of arms.
Leader: Arfur Nightley, landlord of the Queens Rest tavern

We are a wonderful, amazing and sexy group of half orc barmen.
We arrived in Albion in 1101 and realised that as we were wonderful amazing sexy business men and didn’t want to be killed we had to supply the Harts with something they needed. So …

Welcome, to the Queens Rest bar and tavern. Established in 1101 the Queens rest has been set up to as a mark of respect to Queen Elspeth by the loyal uruks of her nation.
After many years of war and  many hundreds dead, we are at the start of a new age where uruks, humans, dwarves and beastkin, may try to live peaceable together.

This bar is run and operated entirely by uruks, the landlord, Arfur Nightly being a half orc of some standing within the uruk nations. He is also head of the OrcShunEars guild and represents the true side of uruk businessmen everywhere. He is also probably the best dressed uruk in the multiverse.
The beer is brewed by the stunningly handsome Hops, and kept in an ammaculate celler by the gorgeous Rastin. Food and bar snacks are prepared and captured by the vivacious Pek-Pek.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Queens Rest and return many times in the future to sample our fines Ales and “World Famous Bar Snacks”, as well as spending much gold within our establishment.

Should you have any suggestions or complaints about our tavern you should address your complaints to somebody who cares or is at least willing to listen!

At the Gathering Of Nations 1105 Arfur Nightley was knighted and made Protector Of Milford in recognition of the OrcShunEars’ efforts bringing relief to the stricken town.

Arfur Nightley, landlord of the Queens Rest tavern
Spring 1105