House Mortimer

coa_mortimerBased: Barony of Durham (in
the County of Lincoln and the Duchy of York)
Heraldry: Chevron gules (red) on a field of sable (black).
Leader: Robert Mortimer

The Founding Of The House



Recent History

During the civil war between the Harts and Lions, House Mortimer fulfilled its oath to the Lord General Corvus of the Lions and held Berwick against the Harts. The fighting at Berwick was fierce and it cost the life of Lord Francis Mortimer and his brother James. As the new head of the household the young Robert swore the traditional oath to the protection of Berwick, but added his own oath to the service of The Pendragon Throne; recognising Queen Elspeth as the rightful ruler of Albion.

The Beastkin Guard

At the height of the civil war Lord Francis Mortimer lost a large number of his Household guard and, needing warriors to bolster his ranks, ventured into the hills to the west of Berwick where he knew there was a large band of beastkin. Lord Francis met with the chieftain of these beastkin and challenged him for the services of his followers. Lord Francis was victorious and the beastkin followed him. Upon assuming the lordship of the house Robert undertook the same journey, challenged the chieftain and again proved victorious. The Beastkin Guard will serve as long as each Lord proves himself stronger than their chief. The Beastkin Guard refers to each Lord Mortimer as “The Mortimer”.


Caleb FitzMortimer, adviser to Lord Robert Mortimer
Spring 1107