Order of the Pendragon

Based: Castle Pendragon, Duchy of Keswick

pendragonHeraldry: Argent, a dragon passant, sinister, on a field sable.
Leader: Ross Unswick, Knight Commander of the Order of the Pendragon, Lord Justice of Albion
Further Information: Order of the Pendragon


The Order of the Pendragon was formed in 1107 at the dedication of the Cathedral to the Trinity, at Milford. Three knightly orders were formed, for the three ancestors of the Trinity; the Order of the Stag, for the Hunter; the Order of the Crow, for Nethras; and our Order, for the Pendragon.

Robert Mortimer, of House Mortimer, Paladin of the Pendragon, became the first nominal head of the Order. In subsequent years, faith in the Trinity has been tested to near breaking point, and the activity of these Orders has waned.

Recent History:
In recent years, the Pendragon’s seat as the apex of the Trinity has been shaken, with that position being taken by the Hunter, with a member of House Hunter sitting upon the Pendragon Throne. This shift, and the recent sundering of Albion, has caused an awakening and reaffirming of faith across the realm. The Pendragon has called out to his people, and many and more now make their way to the banner of the White Dragon, in the hopes of wearing the White Tabard.


In 1111, the Pendragon called out to a young monk, Brother Ross Unswick, who made it his goal to re-establish the Order, for the benefit of all. The Order of the Pendragon was re-formed at the Gathering 1112, by Ross Unswick, with the blessing of Lord Regent Theo D’Arby, upon the word of Arturius, avatar of the Pendragon. Arturius named Brother Ross ‘Knight Commander’ of the Order of the Pendragon.

Under the leadership of Ross Unswick, the Order began to gain strength once again, this it is said was driven by the fury and the rage of the Pendragon embattled, forcing its most fierce aspect to rise, the White Dragon stood strong in the hearts of the faithful renewed. William Randolph Hulce of the Ordo Hwyt Draga gave the blessing of the Ordo to the Order to carry on their work, in line with the immortal words of our High King, Arthur Pendragon, “Strength through Unity”

Recent revelations regarding the history and origins of the Pendragon have led to a strong rise in associated membership across Cymrija and Erin, reinforcing the ancient connections that our three nations have. The Order now commands a strong presence across these lands, with chapterhouses in the Duchy of Keswick, and at Gateway Keep, in Cymrija.

Joining the Order:

The Order of the Pendragon openly recruits, and warmly welcomes those faithful to the Pendragon – they need only seek out a member in the field, and introduce themselves.

A missive from the Knight Commander –

To the Faithful of Albion,

Albion as we know it was forged by order, shaped by the will of the land and given life by the strength of its people. It is this order which empowers the Faithful of the Pendragon, empowers you.

Let it never be said that the law, the order of Albion is its stasis. What stands our nation apart is the order of change, mighty heroes shape nations and we shape ours from the stable foundation that is the Pendragon Throne.

Rise up and show me your colours, let me hear your voices, and lend me your strength as we act as one, united by faith, in defence of the spirit of Albion.

Strength Through Unity, not just a battle cry, but a way of life.

Yours in Faith and Servitude,

Ross Unswick
Knight Commander