Open Grand Council 1098

Open Grand Council 1098
Hosted by Caine of Teutonia
Caine’s invitation
To the peoples of Erdreja,
Since the Introduction of the Gathering to the Heartlands of Erdreja, there has always been a need for debate, and indeed argument, in surroundings more peaceful and conducive to reasoned discussion than the Gathering.
In previous years, Joshua McTay has invited those of the factions who wished to attend to his tower for council. With the departure of the Violet Mage from the Heartlands this is no longer possible, but the need for this council continues. For this reason, I should like to invite all who would wish to be present to my castle in Teutonia. In future years, I would expect other nobles of the Heartlands to take on this responsibility.
On the 28th Day of the Eleventh Month of 1098, I will be hosting the Open Grand Council. there will be a banquet in the afternoon, and the serious business of discussion in the evening.
I look forward to seeing many of you there,
Caine of Teutonia

An account by Apollo, the Shining One
Delivered to the Brighthelm Library:
Please find enclosed my sketchy recollections of the Open Grand Council in Teutonia. They are for whatever use the Royal Household sees fit.
Illsa, sister of Heinrich (of the Wolves), was poisoned by something. She thought it might be the lamb. It caused her great pain and bleeding from the mouth. Their family is from a land outside of Norsca that was ravaged by Skaven (clan iron-fang?)
A group of Skaven known as the Blood-drinkers visited. They are non-hostile but are known to be thieves. I later found out that the person who warned me they were thieves was a member of a group called The Stepney Lads – known thieves themselves!
A small contingent of undead celts who reckoned to be about 800 years old and said that they were from teutonia were trying to unite the celtic nations in a war against Teutonia
Klaus of the wolves is a direct descendant of Greymantle who was Cannis’ second who put a magical belt upon him that made him sleep. Cannis is aware of this belt and believes it be around. Klaus is more than willing to help defeat Cannis but the two of them are unable to harm one another. Cadarn Cordavae and Little Runt know of my plans … Other belts may or may not exist. The Exiles have a belt that they believe will work and want to attempt ‘a hit’ before I try anything.
I was hired by Bran, general of the Tarantulas, to attempt an attack on MM Dallashandra. I got a clean strike to her neck before Lord Lynsall even reacted. He is apparently a Cat-Lord. Some other members of his race turned up and hissed at Drow.
Prince Marin of Albion (died aged 13) turned up with an entourage of Death Knights. He wishes to marry the Queen and expects an answer at the Midwinter festival. He is apparently not undead but he managed to almost rip my heart from my chest when I stood against him and covered his skin from head to toe. I suspect he has trapped some magic into something and made himself unable to be detected by the ancestors.
I am pledged to accompany Martaine Quarrier on his wanderings around the world. He has had visions of the destruction of all being by some Void creatures. He has lost a stone that resembles one of the Jellinge stones that represents Thor. It has two cracks in it where Loki smote it. His tormented soul bought me great pain to behold and I must do something to ease his burden.
Two ghosts, Carl and Elizabeth, were kept from passing on to the other side because Karlannes of the Gryphons had caused her to kill him by telling her he had betrayed her. Karlannes was a necromancer who managed to later become a powerful unliving sprit. He was trapped in some armour by his people, The Gryphons and the armour scattered but recently the arnour was re-assembled and worn by Jeremiah Lovelock – a noble of Lyonesse. Since that day he has been invunerable to all damage. We found that this was because Jeremiah was in fact dead and his body just being used by Karlannes’ spirit. I helped get hold of a dagger that could kill him and was chosen by the ghosts to be their champion in duel with Karlennas but as fate would have it, that was destined to be the honour of Duke Skafloc of the Exiles, who performed his duty admirably. The ghosts faded away happily, hand – in – hand.
Politically – The Bears declared war on the Dragons. The Unicorns and Tarantulas have an utter lack of respect for each other. The Wolves, Vipers and Dragons seem a firm alliance. The Gryphons basically said that they will stand alone and woe betide anyone who messes with them – and they also seem to want to wage war on the Tarantulas. The Queen made a stirring speech encouraging people to listen to the wisdom of the Elder Races and the Immortal Patterns and adhere to the Gathering Treaty. Truly, she is wise beyond the years suggested by her youthful frame.
Some Fae of the Tomorrow Court arrived to declare war upon Albion but I left that business to Hugo, who was competent and forthright in his leadership. An Elf turned up from an age past and spoke of the great cities his people had once had in Albion. It was sad to think of such beauty as it reminded me of how much I miss my Summer Lands.
I shall pen more of the events as they come to me.
Your humble servant,

Apollo, The Shining One

An account by Mistress Froydith Thornblade of Ithka
This being a record of the Notable Events I noticed at the Open Grand Council held recently, though suspect there were Many Other Things as passed me by completely. Apologies for inaccuracies down to me not writing it down Straight Off, but having got home to find Erin had swallowed a bottle of boot polish, her father having told her that was how mammy kept her hair dark and shiny and the mess a child can make when Very Ill with boot polish poisoning is Not To Be Believed, which have put some of the finer details out of my mind. Anyway.
Getting there just after the banquet for the grand folks, which looked like had been a Mighty Spread, I found myself a bit flummoxed for who to talk to, not recognising many people and eveyone being so grand. Went and sat with Jax-Ur and a chap as he was talking to, saying summat to the effect that there was Too Many Posh folks around and was nice to talk with folks as weren’t, only to Discover Later that the chap were in fact Sir Hugo Charenten, but he was Most Kind about it so no harm done.
Saw Ged of the Fellowship chatting with a strange-looking elf, who had brought a message for King Gunnar, which errand he had been given Just The Morning, but him reckoning that when he went to sleep the Night Before it were 98, not 1098, and poor lad being a Little Confused thereby and wondering what had happened to the Elven Empire, his family and so on. We collected Taliesin, him being accounted Something of an Expert in such matters, but rather than Talking Bards Stuff he just said ‘it’s a thousand years later, the Empire’s crumbled and your family’s most likely All Dead.’ Which I suppose was Very Practical, but a heavy old blow to deliver SuddenLike.
Ged and Taliesin having Other Business, I stayed and talked to the Poor Lad a while, and obtained the Following Facts. He was from Albion (though he didn’t call it Ablion, we eventually Settling On ‘the south part of the Big Island to the East of where we are now, with Another Island east of that and lots of little ones up to The North’), and were a Bit Surprised Katherine was no longer in charge, but though knowing she was alive Give Him Hope for his family he showed No Wish to go and have converse with her, looking a Little Wary to say the least, and neither wishing to Speak With Anyone from the court of Oberon (a Good Thing, since I don’t think there were any there.) I am suspecting there was No Love Lost there. There used to be Great and Beautiful cities in Albion he was telling me, all white towers and Gleaming in the Sunlight.
Since I had told him there were Others of his Kind about and he was after Looking for Them that were there that evening so we Went our Separate Ways, but I never saw him again despite looking Most Particlar, which, what with the Ghosts as Turned Up also, do make me Wonder.
On the Subject of the Ghosts, while I has it in my mind (though it all Happened Later, after the speeches), there were two Human-Looking Creatures dressed all in red and dead (well, he had a Huge Great Hole in his chest) but not I think unliving. I were warned to Stay Clear as they could do Terrible Damage if provoked, but when I saw them they were standing on the Big Table at the end, waiting for a champion to Plunge a Dagger into the heart of something that had Taken the Form of Jeremiah Lovelock (I think, but it was a bit confused). The lady (who was sort of Beautiful and Terrible at the same time if that makes sense) had a heart in Her Own Hand, and when they heard this being was dead she Trampled It under foot. (Or so I am told, having looked away at this Vital Moment.) Then when the body was Brung Over for them to look at there was Much Relief, then saying now we are free they Embraced and Vanished, Leaving No Trace. (cos I looked)
Going back a bit, so as to record my Impressions of the Speeches. Here I must say Alas that although my intentions in respect of the Many Fine Speeches were to Listen and to Learn I was greatly confused, and also distracted by the Fights that kept Breaking Out, and at the start couldn’t hear rightly, being Too Far Back, so have failed in this.
Gist of all Faction Leader speeches were that the Gathering Treaty was a Good Thing, but some factions thinking it needed to be brought up to date though Nothing Specifed as to what bits to be changed, and others saying It’s Grand as it is. There was also Much Diplomacy with respect to behaviour on the Gathering Battlefield, with much yelling of dishonour and how dares you and so on and so forth between Dragons and Bears (I think) and in fact much general Yelling, until Lord Caine stood on the table again and Yelled Louder, with Great Diplomacy.
Despite all the Excitement and a Mysterious Speech by Silk of the Scouts Guild along the lines of ‘Those as know what I’m talking about, stop it’ which I’m sure Meant Something to someone but not me the speeches were Mercifully Short and soon we could all Go Back to drinking and being attacked by Hive being a Force of Ultimate Law who merge folks minds thus Overthrowing Security People and can only be stopped by killing.
If folks have been Merged and knocked out For Their Own Good, it is Important not to heal them til they’re Nearly Dead, apparently, cos otherwise the Hiveness is still in them too but dies Just Before they do. I saw most of this Over People’s Shoulders having otherwise only my dagger and a copy of View with which to Defend Myself. Though it was later explained to me by a man with Two Swords that no Weapons of War just meant no Sieige? Engines and the like and my staff would have been acceptable after all.
King Gunnar started doing a Speech to the Wolves as was there, telling who had taken New Positions in the Faction but had only got as far as Marshal of the Armies (Klaus who was Castellan), Castellan (him who was Colour Sergeant and on the gate all the time whose name have Gone Completely out of my head but a man of the Raggers and a Good Choice) and Duke (Duchess?) of Orknejar being Robyn who was Weaponsmith but now Wolf Faction only and being Orcadian herself anyway. And Lady Serafiya de Medici was given something on account of Her Behaviour at Wolf Call but I don’t know what. And then the Hive attacked again and we were Dispersed.
There were also at one point three Dead Blokes wandering around. I heard one of them saying he Was Dead and also Asking For Beer, whereupon I went straight for Matthius who Can Tell such things to find out if they were Corrupt Patterns or not which the answer being yes I went to Elbrath and Told Him also and there was the Usual Muddling that is Traditional with the Forming of an Incantor Wedge, complicated as I Found Out Later by TicToc also planning to Deal With these patterns and all this while the dead blokes keeping Going Up to folks being all Nice and Friendly but Corruption and Evil lurking beneath so worse than just Being Threatening.
In the end, after Much Faffing, they were dealt with by the Inquisitor of the Incantors Guild and someone from the Harts who had a Pattern Correction dagger and was therefore able to Restore these patterns to the Right Cycle being so much the Better Option than just sending them back to the Planes of Unlife. Said heros then Dashed Off to deal with the next one as Fast as Possible, (which I cannot Find Fault with but some day I would like to be a Hero Too rather than a Watching Person which is often the Worse Job) leaving myself and Bedo ap Madog McYokel who I am most grateful to to Get Rid of the body of someone who’d been dead for 500 years but Only Just Now stopped moving and a Smelly Old Job it was too.
This being All I Can Remember though I’m sure there was Summat Else but has taken me Too Long to write as it was.
Hoping I have not Offended Anyone by accident, and Grateful for Corrections as usual, and greetings to those as I met and whose company I Enjoyed Greatly but being private interesting As Opposed To genrally have missed Those Bits out