The Gathering of 1102

The Gathering of 1102
By Kia Aryllin
Gathering 1102 (from my own recollections, and accounts of others)

Those listed in bold are those I imagine to be appropriate to speak to about further details – useful I imagine when months have passed since these events.
There was suggestion of Skaven being adopted into different families, to adjust them to the Albione way of life. Lord Hugo Charenten volunteered to take in a few Skaven, as did Lady Katerina Grimmir.
Lord Wolf was kidnapped from a Grand Open Council in the Harts camp that was designed to sort out the problems with the Gathering Treaty. Rumours flew for the duration of his disappearance that he had been killed but this was shown to be untrue. Straight after his abduction, the factions agreed that if whoever had taken him did not return him, that the remaining factions would fall upon those responsible and destroy them. This happened to an extent on the final night of the Gathering, where the Tarantulas were attacked by a mass force of seven factions.
On that same night, (after the factional attacks had ceased) several people fell asleep, including myself, and could not be woken. It appears that several beings appeared in the centre of camp, calling the Dream Guardians forth and mocking their powers. A fight apparently ensued, ending when the last of those asleep (me?) was finally awoken. Jharik says that the creatures called upon ‘Narcolepsy’ – which he believes to possibly be a nightmare lord? A further note being that I have no idea how those asleep were finally awoken. I am not told that anything new was tried upon me, it seems to be possible that something else changed that allowed us to awake?? Whilst I was asleep I dreamt of a barren land – similar to the dreams Lady Imogen had been having the night before.

Person to speak to: Any of the Dream Guardians
The Mordred Device was summoned on the first evening of the Gathering, by a group of mostly Harts. Once recovered, it was moved to the Armourers Guild, the plan being to then deal with it. However it was moved up to the Wolves camp, where it was stolen by the McBeths. The Lions then held a ritual where they released Mordred…I believe the plan was to ask him nicely to turn off the Mordred Device. However it didn’t work, and the ritual also managed to release various strands from the Tome of Air. The consequences of this were, I believe dealt with very effectively by Celadore before the end of the Gathering.

The Mordred Device was finally turned off (by removing the Time element from it) and is now apparently being used as a coffee table by the Dragons.

Person to speak to: Reann
On the first night of the Gathering, it became apparent that something was wrong with the child Hope (being currently cared for by Madelaine Falcon). The two patterns inside her (one being the child herself, the other being that of the Mother) were tearing each other apart, and the pattern of the child was not strong enough to survive. However we were unable to ascertain how to help that night. The next morning, Lady Imogen said she felt that a woman would arrive, a woman who most likely would not know what she was there for. She believed that this would be part of the solution – and that possibly it was a matter of faith – this would be dealt with. Later on, Queen Elspeth arrived in camp, seemingly under some form of possession – by what I do not know. I did not attempt to check the possession as it seemed more important that she get where she was going. The Queen, Madelaine Falcon and Lady Imogen came together, holding Hope between them, and the rest of the Harts formed around them in 3 circles. We moved slowly around them and chanted, being struck down several times but still continuing. When we had finished, the Queen was returned to normality, as was Hope. Queen Elspeth did not remember coming to Prague, it appears that her last memory before finding herself in camp was one of sitting in Eaton.

Person to speak to: Lady Imogen, Madelaine, Cawd, Pelleas
Krud recovered Excalibur…it is probably worth noting that the person who held Excalibur beforehand (and who Krud obtained it from) is Satuun.
On the first night, two peasants arrived in camp speaking of a desolate land and inability to produce crops…they later teleported Chi’ out of camp when he attempted to check their patterns. Phoenix went into the Dream to try and reach Chi’, but was unable to do so, however he did leave holding a dagger that he had somehow managed to retrieve from the Dream. Whilst he was in there, he suffered some injuries and at one point his head began to bleed but he was in no danger as I was watching his pattern at all times. He reported that he had seen Chi’ but acting most unlike himself – commanding armies, drinking blood etc etc. Chi’ fell from the sky the next morning (!) and reported what had happened to him. He said he had felt someone on the borders of his dream at one point – and now assumed that this had been Phoenix.
Followers of Leif. A herald of Leif appeared in the camp. Demanded that Glycell go with him. Glycell obviously knows more of this, however I would comment that the Herald was most emphatically corrupted by the Void Entity. It was also insubstantial.

I believe Leif threatened to attack the north of Albion – something apparently confirmed in the later Tarot reading. Is there anywhere in the north of Albion that could be described as a possible location for darkness to well up and spread out and overflow that area????? I am terrible with maps…

Person to speak to: Glycell
The Story Fae offered an honour battle on the second day of the Gathering over the fate of Winchester. If we won, they would quit Winchester by the end of November. If they won, they would quit Winchester by the end of November, but we would give the city over to them for three days of each year for them to hold a festival of stories. A group of 60 Harts was chosen to form our battle line. We also had to choose a champion to fight theirs before the battle commenced. The only consequence of this battle of champions would be … moral.

So, on the second day we moved over to where the final battle for the Gathering would be held. The Story Fae army was already in attendance, and quite evidently free of the corruption which they have suffered under for so long. Firstly our champions met, the end result of which was our champion (Cabal) besting theirs. Before the battle could begin, some of the Harts were compelled to leave the battle field as our numbers outweighed theirs.

The battle was finely fought and in the end our forces won the day. All were allowed back onto the field for the final negotiations, and it was agreed that the Harts had won. Both sides cheered each other, and it has now been settled that the final handing over will take place in November, just outside Winchester.
On the third day, Torvell was able to bring along the two spawn that we believed to have been braindamaged by the Strong Ones. Branwyn attempted to mind heal the two of them, whilst I kept an eye on them both, but was forced to conclude that nothing could be done. There was not enough left of their minds for even a master healer such as Sol Tempest to be able to rebuild them, but there was enough left for them to be trapped in constant pain. I also checked, to make sure I could not discern anything else, and also asked Sol Tempest and Elani McNutter for ideas, but we could come up with nothing. Unfortunately the best we could do was to kill the pair of them and have their patterns dedicated to the Mother. We were helped in this by Jester of House Morpheus (Vipers)(unfortunately killed later in the Gathering).
Emissaries of the overlords (spawn slavelords) appeared in our camp, asking for help. It appears that the Void Entity has turned its attention to them, and they wish our help against it. They have said they will release all spawn if we will help. Their appearance co-incided with various attacks by Grolloch demons – probably an attempt to stop any possible negotiations?? Note from Cawd: Overlord minions have alien life patterns.

Person to speak to: Glycell, (Kia)
A Grolloch demon later arrived at the faction gate. It asked to see Raithen (the current owner of the Grimoire) and stated that it wished to purchase it for its master (ie. The Void Entity). Raithen stalled admirably and got word to the command tent. There were no high up people in camp, so Katerina, Piers and myself went to deal with the situation. The demon said that its master offered to withdraw its aid from the Death Knight if we would sell it the book.

The answer was – and remains No. The reason being:

– the consequences of the Void Entity gaining access to the Grimoire are potentially terrible. I believe I once heard the Grimoire described as holding so much power that it could be unstoppable in the wrong hands. Essentially if the Void Entity requires something so badly, it must not be allowed to have it. No matter what bribe it would offer.

After a certain amount of stalling, the Grolloch demon was attacked by those warriors in camp that we were able to muster. It was not however destroyed, it teleported away.

Person to speak to: Kia, Jharik, Piers, Raithen
One of the Corvedae twins was returned. She had been poisoned, so I would recommend that a healer purges all poisons from the boy twin when he too is recovered.

Person to speak to: Glycell
Readings from a Tarot deck (left by Cadarn, I believe?) showed four main readings.

1- A child in a boat washes up on a friendly shore – a black bird flies over it.

2- A river of poison flows down from the north of Albion.

3- A deep mysterious pool reflecting a white tower.

4- A beautiful woman carrying (hurting?) a baby

Person to speak to: Amryel and Cawd
Corrigan reported that Sycorax has been heard screaming and yowling inside Trell for quite some time now. He led a small party into Trell before the Gathering, and says that it was overflowing with Caliban, more than he has ever seen in there. He also watched approximately 40 of them leave via ritual transport…but we are as yet unaware as to where they went. Another question this raises is where exactly Sycorax has obtained such a number of Caliban from???

Person to speak to: Corrigan, Kia
It appears that the immortal pattern of chaos is now Torrential Downpour (Terry), a half-ogre from the Morpheus Marauders (Vipers). This occurred after the initial choice of host for the pattern (Parmenion of the Lions) was killed by the Stoneburg (Vipers). This killing seems to have led to a wave of tit for tat killings over the weekend, and was notable in the Harts camp when the Half-Ogre tribe entered, and demanded to know what we were going to do about the fact that one of their tribe had just been murdered by the Lions in their camp. Several minutes later, the Lions attacked the half-ogres upon our soil. Myself and a couple of others managed to restrain the Harts who did not know what was happening from attacking the half-ogres, and El Nino (leader of the tribe) I believe made complaint against specific Lions for the attack. What is happening as a result of this I don’t know. However this is the point at which I had a minor chat with Terry, and he remarked that Golgomoth was now his left nipple…(his words, not mine). I gather that unlike in the case of Sister Bethanie (where some of the pattern of Good resides) ALL of the pattern of chaos now resides in/is Torrential Downpour. I would recommend that Torrential Downpour is treated … with some caution as a result.
From a chat I was having with Reaver one night I get the impression that Terry is still having the ‘rules’ (presumably of being a manifested immortal pattern) explained to him.

The Death Knight has taken Kingsfield. It turns out that Kingsfield is the ‘Kings Field’ – a large flat stretch below what used to be Camelot. It also contains (as a battlefield) a large amount of bodies – handy for a Death Knight. We know that the Death Knight is being aided currently by the Void Entity (evident by the presence of Grolloch Demons). A herald of the Death Knight appeared wanting to know where the White Tower is. If we do not help it, it promised destruction of Albion. Martin of the Erebus order says that there was a tower overlooking a pool south of Camelot.
Several of the macbeths were killed during the Gathering – somewhat grinding the Gathering Treaty into the ground. Scafloc is definitely dead. Lament was last seen being chased to a ritual circle by various people including Chi’.
Queen Adelaina of Unicorns killed.
The Company of the Black Boar were relieved of military service in Albion, due to contradicting direct orders, and removing their colours and going macbeth hunting. They were then acknowledged by Luciana and Marcellus as Condotieri (excuse the spelling)…
Those dead: Isaac Trooper, Fairfax, one of House Falcon, two of House Grimmir, Oberon Constantine?

Kia Aryllin