Heartland Games 1103

by Dargon Estilan for Hawk and Hernshaw
Report on the Heartland Games 1103

Scribed for Hawk and Hernshaw by

Father Catholicon and Dargon Estilan
Friday night.
Lucan Far sailor turned up with black tentacles across his face, the battle raged from the bar tent to the transport circle, Although the Harts and others followed Lucan all the way and tried many different methods of trying to harm Lucan, he seemed to be more than a match for their best attempts, and although they managed to delay his transportation, they had little effect on him, especially once he had surrounded himself with a forbidding. Once he was able to transport he lifted his sword into the air and then brought it down as if to strike a blow. As the blade hit the ground he transported, no damage or mark was left on the ground suggesting that the sword was the container of some of his power (he did no vocal whilst transporting).
The ancestor Puck turned up, he was injured and required help, and after substantial amount of healing in the order of hours and, despite Puck saying it felt nice and good the healing attempts had to stop. (in hindsight perhaps Master Sol Tempest could have helped), Puck went from the guild tent to the Faction where he asked for the people of the Harts to sing and dance to try and help him heal, the faction did not seem willing but agreed to allow Puck to come to the wedding celebrations where their would be singing and dancing.
The minions of the Lich Samara Dreamweaver were out once more attempting to steal items from people, they were however driven off.
There were a few apparently random attacks on people from the blue crystal beastkin, their goals can’t be ascertained at this time.
The mages guild liased with the scouts guild and the alchemists guild to enter a team for the games, The team was called SCAM, for SCouts, Alchemist and Mages.
The three ethereal monks that were seen at the convocation of guild turned up again, and once more wandered around being silent and ethereal at people, I’m not aware of any archers guild masters turning up as apparitions though I believe the guild was preparing for it.
At the Guild council the ‘Scullions army’ through the Bank requested that the Bank be able to take 10 gold from the accounts of each guild to help in the formation of the knights of Erdreja, the Mages, Healers and the Bards refused to take part in this, all other guilds agreed to this.

The Healers and bards also withdrew from the guild council and are in the process of drawing up individual charters with each of the factions.
The Emperor arrived and had a meeting with many in the Incanter tent. He announced that the Cathogeinans had joined the Empire and where having their capital rebuilt, he also announced that he had an army of 100,000 dragon knights brought forward through time with him. He and his men looked more ‘alive’ than before and no longer showed up as unliving (note: the emperors emissary has been allowed to join the Incanters guild). He once more called for the factions to end hostilities against him, and to talk to his emissary to find peace in Erdreja. He called for the guilds to remain neutral in the fight. He complimented the factions on how they had ruled well in his absence, as they had under him in the empire. He instructed Orcus and Spittle to pay their back tax’s for the past 500 years, they agreed with out argument and where given one day to sort out the paper work (Note: they showed great respect to the Emperor and if anything seemed scared of him.). White Reaver decided to play around at this point the Emperor called for it to be let into the tent but the guilds decided not to allow this as the Emperor has already wielded it once and they did not want him to take it away. He then went on a tour of the Faction grounds.
The Healers guild found that bits of the patterns of all the life masters that are stored in the fountain in the guild tent where getting weak. As a result a large party was sent of to the plains of life to get some water to feed the fountain. On arriving on the plains of life we where greeted by a being of life who told us that one of her people had been captured and taken to a southern island of the Heartlands. A group of us where transported to this island which turned out to be Ustica. On the island we where attacked by plants under the control of the gardener and the followers of Maladius I recommend that anyone going there keeps well away from any plants because even the normal looking ones where attacking. The being from the plain of life appeared to be being eaten by a plant on removal of the plant, we tried to take it to a temple of life to send it back (despite calls for us to transport it there.). On route it collapsed and Carabas tried to heal the being at which point all observers where pushed away by some power and the being entered Carabas. We tried to continue to the temple but overwhelming forces forced us to return using the transport circle, we had to leave six people behind.
On arrival we transported into the end of a battle with Lucan (see below) Carabas was carried to the healers guild offices where he was given a dilute sample of the waters from the plains of life, this caused the being to be healed and leave his body in a short while he regained conciseness and was thus a life master.
The battle with Lucan farsailor began as scheduled, a multi factional force with the assistance of some wychwoods turned up to beat him into the ground. He arrived accompanied by dervishes, they continued to teleport to his vicinity for the duration of the fight, but were horribly outnumbered. Lucan was finally killed by what I believe is the embodiment of the fury, for striking a blow against Felix wychwood. It would appear that the cousins can not even attack each other. Also a dark comet was seen in the sky later in the evening indicating the rebirth of the dark cousin.
Automatons continued to attack the Armourers guild, though one was frozen and some investigations were performed on it, the results of which I am still awaiting.

The Dark noble has been identified but is still at large.
The emissary from the empire was attacked by the Dragons out side the bar, he easily escaped.
During the night a dryad appeared, she looked terrible and kept screaming ‘look what you have done to me look’ other beings appeared and started attacking the Harts. Many harts tried to tell her that she looked OK and a mirror was brought out to show her this. The result was the mirror wielder and their helpers where attacked. I checked the pattern of the dryad and found that her pattern was being magically bonded to the earth. I called for mages to counter this magic, which resulted in the poor dryad being fatally wounded due to the holes in her pattern with the help of another healer I managed to repair the damage.
The body of Master Water, Sheleph, was returned to the mages guild by the vampire Vulfgang, The body was layed to rest with the assistance of the Incanters guild’s shroud but the body had been dead for some time.
The tome of water decided to make a point and visited the tavern to turn all the alcohol into water, so that people could properly commemorate Sheleph, this gesture was not widely appreciated.
A group known as the Brotherhood of the pure turned up and although human had some Illithid like power draining properties they seemed to be bothering the bank in particular, I would welcome any further details regarding them and their aims and objectives.
Some grollachs appeared in camp not near a circle which indicated the entitys influence within erderja is growing.
The Lich Samara Dreamwever was attacked and killed by an cross factional group lead by prince bishop Lemming that invaded her island and killed her freeing the local populace. An expedition is expected to return to hunt down the rest of the unliving on the island.
The Emperor with his emissary and six of his Dragon Knights, attacked the Dragons outside the bar. The result of the battle was the Dragons laying on the floor dying and their king in Empire hands. A point of note was the Emperors sword which with just one touch would drop any person it touched, that person would bleed until they where halfway to death they would then enter this weird stases which allowed them to still bleed but not to die. On the command of the Emperor they left this stases, and follow his commands. He then gave the order to return to their old selves. It is suggested that any person who is hit by this sword is bandaged and stored in a safe place. But not in the guild tent or anywhere else where if commanded they could do damage to a large number of the healers etc. needed to pick people up.
The Vipers interrupted the massacre and asked the Emperor to give them time to work out if they where obliged to help the Dragons or not. This gave time for the Dragons to pick themselves up with the help of others around. The Dragons asked for a cease fire and the Emperor agreed if the Dragons apologized for attack his emissary. A discussion insured which involved the Dragons insulting the Emperor and the Emperor praising the Dragons and asking for them to declare peace. The Emperor kept on reminding those present how the empire had set up the kings of the factions.

The result was the Dragons and Empire agreeing to do battle on the second day of the Gathering, the Dragons insisted that:

1.Any person on the field will be considered a combatant be they worrier, healer or reporter.

2.There will be no ritual of peace for this battle.
The Emperor agreed to these conditions of battle as put forward by the Dragons.
Shortly after the battle the Vipers met with the emissary of the Empire and after confirmation that the Empire wanted the Viper king to remain regent of Viper lands and that if he decided to join the empire he would be able to maintain control of his lands as his fore fathers had under the empire. The Vipers where given 3 options.

1.Fight the empire and die.

2.Join the empire and be given its technology and protection.

3.Swear peace with the empire and exist as it’s friend.
This could just be a way of dividing the factions.
There was some form of possession going around that caused the infected person to try and kill everyone around them, once knocked out or disabled the possession would switch to the person to disable them and make them do the same, apparently I knocked out 20 people before anyone managed to stop me, so to any of these people I apologise. This has happened before but that time it was believe to have be Cheribdis, perhaps he has returned, this of course unconfirmed
Felix Wychwood was transported to the plain of life, this caused him great pain but no lasting damage, it did however get the person severely told off by Nicholas and Treveleyn Wychwood.
The mages decided that they would not be blackmailed by the emperor into taking any sides in political struggles, we exist to swerve Erdreja and we will continue to so regardless of which political leader holds the most land, we agree to help any and all with any magical or other problems they may have that threaten Erdreja as a whole. But we would quite like the orb of magic back from the emperor should he choose to relinquish it back into our custody.
Numerous people were found planning to visit the old imperial capitol of Malkarn, also known as Tebron. The exact location of which is known but I would advise any whom wish to travel there that to do so would be death as it is protected by very powerful Golems.
Apparently some Wraiths turned up at the harts camp asking to speak to Hugo, they were beaten into the ground before the reason for their visit was determined.
Some Bastellus visited the mages guild, the exact purpose of the visit is unknown but they gave those present visions of some form, unfortunately I did not manage to gain any further information but will attempt to investigate this further.
An attempt was made on the life of Lady Willow Starcraft, by members of a group known as the red branch. As a result the various friends of the Starcraft family arranged with the appropriate permissions the utter destruction of the group. Apparently there are at least three members that survived the initial attempt.
The Healers meeting agreed that until the factions have decided, they would take a neutral stance towards the empire. Once the factions have announced their stance the Healers will reconsider their position. It was discussed what we should do if a member of the empire wishes to join the guild and the result was ‘we will deal with it if it happens’ (if we don’t think about it, it might not!)
Some new adepts were introduced to the guardian of the magical great library by Mage Jinks, and a brief magical check was performed to ensure that the body given to us was that of Sheleph, it was confirmed that he is dead and it was his body.
Team SCAM won the games after a gruelling three way tie break fight, and a vast quantity of money to buy off other teams bribes against them.

Lord Tristan of the Harts declared his displeasure at Orcus and Spittel about the apparent unfairness of the games and how it really had lost its spirit, it seemed that there was no point in attending the games unless you brought the biggest bag of gold to bribe for points, and how we hoped that now they were rid of the dark carnival that things would have improved to make it more enjoyable for all who participated.
The games concluded the factions dispersed.