News from the Duchies

Though the refugee camps around Carlisle remain
strained, the area is secure. South of the fells, however, danger stalks the land. Reports of a rampaging
Manticore have been coming in from rangers from
Havoc to Naseby. A detachment of Harts set out at the
Fayre to track, and, if possible, trap, the creature. Only
time will tell of their success or failure. It is advisable
to refrain from traversing Keswick unless absolutely

York itself remains under the control of the
necromancers who have taken residence there. Alas
their foul arts have taken on a new malice as they send
constructs made of parts of dead Albiones to attack the
Harts. The Provosts and Sheriffs have had some success
in combating the rife banditry which plagues the Duchy. The Dwarf Stronghold near to the city of York has come
under attack. Despite this, the people of York remain

With the forests still growing wild and dark, Gloucester remains a place to avoid. The royal
stronghold at Forest Glenn welcomes any poor and
unfortunate Albione still braving the treacherous lands. Attempts to curb the ever-growing woods with the use
of magecraft and incanting are underway. Though the
woods remain perilous indeed, the people of Gloucester

Dolorous Stroke falsely proclaims himself to be the
true King of Albion, and “reigns” from his fool’s
court at Winchester. The tides that wracked the Duchy
at the time of the sundering of Albion have begun to
recede, returning some land to the people once more. The Duchess has not forgotten her people, and works
tirelessly to free the Duchy from the grip of Albion’s

Haunting voices emanate from the broken tower at
Care Pendrinn, calling all towards them. There are
figures on the shoreline and on the tower itself, casting
what have been called murderous glances at anyone
and anything that they can. In spite of the trials they’ve
faced in recent times, the Cornish are unyielding in
their devotion to their home. It cannot be denied that
the Cornish are a versatile and hardy folk.