The Killian Prophecy

In times yet to be,
The land will be taken by the sea.
The fall will come and she will rise,
An elven queen with star blessed eyes.
True of heart and pure of soul,
Your fears and griefs she will console.
She stands for her land and for her people,
From lakes so deep, to highest steeple.
With raven hair as black as night,
She’ll defend the land with all her might.
For all that is good there is a cost,
An evil will rise, that was deemed lost.
Power he takes from those unwilling,
To fuel the plan that he needs fulfilling.
Queen and her people will stand as whole and strong,
To destroy this man and right the wrong.
So heed the rise of the elven queen,
Beauteous, fair and dressed in green.
For evil will come in flame and heat,
But together we will stand till his defeat.
In unity we shall prevail,
To bring balance to Albion’s tale.

This prophecy was delivered to camp by the hand of a Killian elf. Discovered deep within their archives, it inspired the usually reclusive clan of elves to set forth to bring a copy to the Faction. Though our Bards have worked tirelessly to provide interpretations and explanations of the text, it was requested that a copy be placed in the Herald. It is hoped that additional and alternative interpretations might be occur to our readers