Who’s the ‘bos?

An audience with His Grace, the Dreadlord Phobos, Archduke of Naseby.

Who are you? Phobos.
Arch Duke of Naseby, Lord Arcane, Eternal.

What do you want?
To rain terror and destruction on Albion’s enemies and to keep all loyal Albiones safe by any means necessary.

Who is your hero?
Me, (smiles) I’m shiny and I think I deserve it.

What is your biggest flaw?
Flaw? Flaw? What flaw?

If invited to a banquet, which five people would you invite and why?
Her Majesty Queen Eloise 1st because she’s funny when she’s had a drink and it’s fun to feed her ginger cake.
Altariel because she’s a good entertainer and is always good for a wind up.
Implar of the Mages Guild because he and I see eye to eye on a lot of things.
Lazarus Hunter because he is an beast at parties.
The Royal Huntsman Theo D’Arby because we are old friends who have supported each other.

If someone could create a magical item for you what would it be?
It’s not a magical item as such but I would want to develop Albion’s mystical sites using things I have learned.

Tea or cake?
Chocolate cake, it’s soul food.

Why did you become a mage?
I saw it as an introduction to mastering true power.

You are credited with the invention of the Naseby hand jive, what are your other accomplishments?
My current status speaks for itself. However, I have also perfected the ‘Black Bag Booty Bounce’, a favourite of the Queen, and of course let’s not forget my charity work. (Phobos would not give any specifics of this.)

Why the Architect?
I’ve always considered Incantation to be a hobby but when Albion was overrun I had to look into other forms of power. My research took me to an ancient ruin of the people from my past and what I discovered there proved enlightening.