moral VICTORY!

In 1114 a rag-tag group of Harts were orderd into the field by the Queen for a game they had never played. These Harts promptly went on to surpass all expecations. Today, still wanted for the team, the exist as men fortune. If there is a jugga game, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team. Despit the plucky efforts of this eleventh hour team, the Harts were not victorious in the jugga tournament.

The Herald is proud to report. however. that having observed much of the tournament, the Harts team were one of the ONLY teams to refrain from cheating. Their conduct on the field was laudable and gentlemanly. They surely succeeded in attaining the moral victory of the tournament. As for the point-scoring victory, alas, it seems that in this area Albion does not prevail!

A message from Osuna
Albion jugga team coordinator
Albion needs balls!
And people who can
handle them!
Speak to Osuna, of the Crows of Albion, if you’d like to be involved with jugga!