Merchant Classifieds

I have one Master Weaponsmith slot available. I also have two Apprentice weaponsmith slots available. Contact Jennifer Hawkins at the Armourer’s Guild for all your making needs!

I have one Apprentice Weaponsmith slot up for grabs. I also have an Artisan Weaponsmith slot available. Contact Lukas Thorn, Quartermaster-Serjeant, Order of the Pendragon.

Looking to sell? Want to buy? Don’t want to be ripped off? Don’t know who to ask? Then why not try Shekels House of Individual Treasures! As the Harts official liaison to the Bank, I can source, introduce and obtain almost anything at no commission to you. You just pay me what you think my service deserves. Look forward to acting for you in your next business transaction.

One Potions tier one slot available, and one Potions tier two slot available. If you need a thing, ask for the pink girl. (Pay negotiable – may accept pixie stix). Ask for Hesper at the Crows tent!

Egg-class assassin, available. No fee too big. Contracts care of the dodgy looking bloke in the corner at the Queen’s Rest, in Carlisle. Not accepting contracts on the Archduke of Naseby, or Lazarus of House Hunter.

Das Shoppe for all your major needs, clothing, weapons, furniture, tankards and tat. Bought and sold for gold or barter.
Viper Faction, right by their gate – just ask for Peggy Grundy.

My Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen,
In the recent flooding what has befallen the jewel in Albion’s crown, Londinium, I have *ahem* acquired many an oddment, trinket, and item of worth. All reasonably priced for resale – drop by and peruse at your lesiure – big ticket items by appointment only.
Sincerely, Dodgie Keef Purveyor of Finest Acquisitions. Formerly of Tenpenny Lane. Noew located, the Good Ship Londinium