Lune and the Child

Each night at midnight the beastmen look to the sky and they see the moon. Some say it is a dragon and others say it is a star that strayed too close. But the beastmen know that it is Lune, the partner of Wolf who took to the sky to steal light from the sun and lend it to beastmen eyes so that the hunt could continue when the sun sets.

That is why they cry out and call. You can hear the sound of the wolves, the weres, and the beastmen crying out across hills and valleys far and wide, especially when the moon is full. The howl of the beastmen reaches Lune and her light shines stronger and midnight is the time of the call.

Lune is the consort to Wolf, the ancient father of the beastmen and she mothers the pack. From her comes healing magic and her pack is strong because she has taught them to wield this powerful magic. The beastmen do their best hunting at night because Lune steals light from the Sun to light the way. They hunt and run and the setting of the sun is not a hindrance.

But sometimes the day comes when the beastmen do not run to strike at prey for food but they stand to fight a mighty enemy.

As with the nations at the Gathering, the beastmen sometimes fall. But Lune has taught her people well and when the battle is done and the wounded lie together on the battlefield, that is when the tricksters lead the children onto the battlefield and from their hiding places they run out to heal and mend. And among them are those who will be fighters, people who will never wield magic because they have another purpose. But they bring the bandages.

It is a solemn time as the wounded recover but their bound wounds heal over and when dawn breaks and Lune rests, the beastmen are healed.

Mighty warriors and skilled physicians saved the beastmen from peril many times. The pack grew large and all was well. But there came a day when the beastmen walked among others, those of the Gathering nations. Among them they found friends in the Wolf faction and they lent their might to the fight the Wolves enemies.

In 1098 they stood together against Maladius an odius demon and his horde of plague demons. The fight was long and bloody and the battle was tough and as the healer’s powers waned the demons were driven off. And the children came out from their hiding places, and the fighters put down their weapons and they began to bind the wounds of the injured.

But nothing happened. The plague demons had visited disease upon the fallen and the bandages could not stop the flow of blood.

And the children cried as they saw their elders suffer. And those still standing lit candles for those they thought would die.

The candles shed a golden orange glow over everyone there.

And one child stepped forward and called out:

“Lune! Save my family! Help us now please!”

And Lune looked upon the boy and said: “You ask a lot but you ask it to help others and not for yourself. I will grant you the power to remove the disease from one of the fallen.”

The boy looked to the mightiest warrior at his feet and passed him by. He looked at his mother and father and hesitated and passed them by. He walked past his brothers and his sisters and stopped at the feet of a small beastman who many would overlook and he said.

“I choose him.”

And Lune blessed him.

The boy’s choice was good for he chose a beastman who had been cut down as he tried to heal another. With his disease gone the bandages took effect. Lune saw that it was a good choice and the candles burned brighter until the chosen beastman’s wounds closed and he awoke and he stood up. With the power he had left he removed the disease from the rest of the fallen and they were bathed in the orange glow.

As they awoke the healers helped the injured and those with bandages tended to the wounds and without spending any more power they watched the wounds close under the bandages and they looked to Lune and howled in thanks.

Healing is linked to the element of Good and the element of Good is linked to the colour orange. That is why when you look to the sky the moon will sometimes have an orange tinge – because Lune is strong and the healing magic is flowing and the beastmen remember.