Local prophecies from the Blackwood

Redemption of Blackwood Keep
It is told that in time the great keep will fall, from an evil deep within the ground. When this comes to pass the people, the throne, the land and the faith must all stand together and reclaim what has been taken. For the Keep is the key to the pass separating black and green and holding open a way for those in need. The keep is over run by many and the more you push the more will come and in this way will never be taken. Cut off their roots, destroy their way seek the guardian of the tower to show you this. For only by purity of soul will she command the way be blocked and with this giving the power to the people to reclaim their home. And is so being the Keep will be redeemed.

First find the symbol of the Blackwood, the coat of arms held by the oldest family of its birth. This will show you the path to the tower and the silver guardians way.

Coat of Arms of House Batan
House Batan birthed of the very woods themselves, hold the symbol of the Blackwood within the coat of arms here. But grey and brittle it looks, no life no colour. It will lead you to the tower of the guardian, for it is the key. But as a key it is unfinished. It has neither blessing or colour of the forest to open it, which is what you must seek. Five different hues from the woods around you must find and colour the coat of arms. Only then will the door to the tower open and the silver gift be given. Look to stories past upon these walls and in papers written down, to find the hues of white, red, yellow, black and blue.
Once all the colours you have paint coat of arms as shown by those of blood Batan, this will open the way for few to rise towards the heights of the tower and speak to the guardian of silver. She will help for she is Albion of many forms waiting for her people to come.

Whitest Hue
To find whitest hue look to the virgin clad in whitest circle, which will lead you deep within the ground. Deep go the caves, where sleeping monsters lie under their roosts is the white you seek. By most disregarded as merely waste but is the whitest hue of all.

Bluest Hue
To find bluest hue look to the battle of the tribe of blue, wanderers of power and might who with heroism mark their faces. In their eyes heroic you must be and the painted marks of honour they will allow you to use. This is the bluest hue of all.

Reddest Hue
To find reddest hue look to those who scar the trees, who repeat their walk of death. Each week they rise each week they fall never to rest. Caught in a circle to protect a page, their touch makes trees weep with blood, this is the reddest hue of all.

Blackest Hue
To find blackest hue look to a lonely squire, waiting upon his knight. In great field of battle he was left, brave and noble holding that which his master bid him protect. Take on the colours of nobility walk through fields of battle relieve the child of his task and he will give to you the blackest hue of battle. This is the blackest hue of all.

Yellowiest Hue
To find Yellowiest hue look towards the wild, cats that run and stalk within the woods. They have their ways and the whiles and this you must understand. Walk in their footsteps for we are all of the same land and they will gift to you the secret of the yellow behind the eyes of cats. This is the yellowiest hue of all

Translated by the Harts during preparation to retake Blackwood Keep from the Black Flame in 1112.