History of the Tribes of Albion – Solstice

Whilst we were in the Mists choosing the Trinity for Albion a number of documents were found, one was a complex script explaining how to assist those struck down by lack of faith whilst within the mists. The remainder of the documents used a simple script, but encompassed many mant pages. Cawd compiled these documents together and has been distributing through various channels.

One document talked of the history of the tribes of Ablion

Notes found in the Mists 1106, pertaining to the History of Albion’s tribes

Albion was created a long time ago. The woods, the hills, the swamps, the plains. The elves dwelt beside the ologs. The dwarves dwelt beside the fae. All was peaceful until the coming of man. Man was a young race, childish in nature but also wild and untamed. From their mother, they learnt to care for each other, to love, to protect, to remember. From their father, they learnt to hunt, to provide and to make sure that they were treated well.

The sylvan elves approved of man on this isle, they taught them of the ways of their father, and used them to hunt and care for the land. They took them as slaves and although they were not equal, they were not treated badly. These were the tribes of Swan, Sparrow, Toad, Newt, Squirrel, Boar and Grayling, the tribes of earth.

With the younger races present on Albion, it was not long before there was disharmony. The olog and the dwarves found quarrel over who owned a large tribe of humans, and they moved to separate sides of Albion, never to speak again. The tribes of fire, Polecat, Snake, Panther, Peacock, Rooster, Ox and Roach, were taken by the olog as they started their long walk south. The dwarves moved to the north with the tribes of Owl, Robin, Carp, Goat, Hare, Hawk and Eel, the tribes of water.

The fae guided the last seven tribes from a distance, prodding, poking, guiding, but never interfering with their ways. These were the free tribes of Albion, and the ones that were not only blessed by the dream of Albion, but also were the starting of the first story of Albion. These were the tribes of air, the tribes of Stag, Jay, Bear, Salmon, Dog, Crow and Falcon.

For three hundred years this went on, and the tribes grew in different ways, the olog and the dwarves never speaking during this time. The tribes of earth became accustomed to their ways and although their faith was strong, they never questioned their place. The tribes of water became spoilt by their safe haven, and grew to like their place in the dwarven society, like a noble’s favourite hound. The tribes of fire lived in fear, but did what they were told, often stealing from the other tribes and doing their masters’ bidding.

Then came the time of trial for the tribes of air. Each one was to speak for who would guard the dream of what was to come. Bear tribe won the honour, but their tribe became weak, for without Morvans to lead them, there was little that could be done. It was at this time was the first war of the fae. Without Morvans, the story had no ending. There was much bloodshed amongst the fae, those who followed the story and those who followed the dream. The fae left the tribes of air alone to wage their own war.

It was during this time that a man named Tebron came to these shores. He saw the ologs and the tribes of fire, and he killed them and set them free. There was much blood and the seas ran red with the blood of ologs until not one was left alive on Albion soil. Allied with the tribes of fire, Tebron move north, his army swelling as people flocked to his banner.

It was one named Cadigan, the leader of the tribes of air and high priest of Nethras. He saw these people on his land, and prepared his men. As he fought Tebron himself, he slowed the advance upon this soil.

The sylvan elves saw the fight of the tribes of air, and sent the tribes of earth to join them. However it was at this time that Cadogan was tricked. Adele, the niece of the leader of Polecat tribe, seduced Cadogan and persuaded him to perform a great magic. This magic meant that he would sleep to defend Albion should Tebron return.

With Cadogan gone, the tribes of air had little choice to bend their knee to Tebron. The elves had fled their great cities to the woods at this time and there they hid, fearing of the Empire of the Man and their control of the magic of time.

After a last attempt to stop the destruction of their people, the elder races performed a great ritual to banish incantation from this land. Only the dark elves remained as guardians of it. With incantation gone from this land, the tribes of earth and air still held true to the beliefs of Nethras and Calligar. The empire of man came up with a plan to deal with it. All ancestors were part of Tebron himself, and Tebron came to the people of Albion in three forms, the Mother, the Hunter and the Architect. Nethras and Calligar were held weak and the faith of the people in these new ancestors grew.

Seven powerful houses of the empire in Albion grew over the other, Ursus, Canis, Cervus, Garrulus, Salmo and Hroc. Although there was little blood tie between these and the houses, it is the magic of the fae that means the dream lives on within them. During this time, Calligar managed to break free and taught the Hunter some of this ways.

The houses grew as the empire did until the cataclysm of water when everything changed.

(Additional notes:

Morvans – the original Dream Guardian. Replaced in 1103
Cadogan – head of the Crow tribe. Last seen at Whitton 1103

There are only six houses listed, which correspond to Bear, Dog, Stag, Jay, Salmon and Crow. The one that’s missing is probably Falco, for Falcon. Albertus Hroc’s physician was a Falco)