In the Trell Dream by Tyto

Please find enclosed a report about what happened in the dream at Trell. I are have tried to explain what I understand and can remember but a lot of it am seem very confused to me even now.

It began when the local fey said they am would help us go into a Dark Dream and find out what am happened to the banner if we am could win some tournaments. They could not enter themselves as no fey had ever returned who had entered the Dream. Tyto took part in the hunting tournie and am was doing quite well until it am was called off due to dodgy dealings from persons unknown.

Each person what am won an event also won a favour what am help link them to this world so they am could go into the dream but am still be tethered to this realm. Straif led the first team into the dream along with Marius who am was her bodyguard. Due to the shenanigans at the hunt there was no favour for Marius to wear. They were all given a sleeping draft and went into the dream. At that point we am all get quite alarmed as in the past when people have entered dream states their bodies remain here in the physical world. That was not the case here and all of the party vanished. We am keep watch on their candles as the fey guide from Trell explain that whilst the candle flame am still burn the peoples am alive. Suddenly the party returned as quickly as they am had left but Marius am was not among them.

Straif and party immediately re-entered the dream to try to find him but had to be pulled out by the untying of the favours from the circle as their candles went out abruptly and we feared for their lives. Straif (who was big angry dryad and that am quite a sight let me tell you) reported that those in the dream am seemed to think the Harts were fey killers and that is why they had been thrown from the dream. There had been no sign of Marius but his candle still burned. Although warned against entering the Dream I are went in anyway with the next party for two reasons. Firstly because it seemed we am needed to prove we are were not anti fey and me being there would am prove that, and secondly, because Marius was trapped in the Dream and I am would not leave him behind.

I are also not really understanding what am was supposed to happen in the dream as I are saw so little of it but when I get in there I realised my favour am had come with me and wasn’t back in the waking world anymore. I was pretty sure that was a bad thing. I are met a man who said things about being beguiled by the fey and lets kill them all. We did not wish to harm him so I are subdued him. Then we saw the fey king and he was murdered by his body guard. I are gave chase after the fleeing killer and then there was a sudden moment of darkness and I was falling to the ground. When I are looked around I saw Marius was there and as we am climbed to our feet before us was a woman. The place was nasty, even the trees felt strange. It didn’t feel right at all and Tyto’s tummy am was turning over. The woman told us that this was the third time that Harts am have trespassed in her realm and so she would have to take a toll from us. The price – two hands.

She said she would take them from us alive or dead but she would have her payment. She am stood there alone but I are know a bluff when I are see one and she wasn’t. The woman radiated power and malevolence. I are did ask her name and I are think it am was Vorax or something similar (but it wasn’t Sycorax cause I am was there when we destroyed her). Marius stepped forward and offered up his left hand. I didn’t know what to do. Then Marius was on the floor screaming and I really didn’t think I am could defeat her alone and get Marius and I out of there. I are couldn’t let her take both his hands so I offered up my left hand too. Then there was lots of pain and I are being on the floor too. I am heard her shouting about her child the Lord Caliban being complete and then this huge skeleton faced monster appeared. It stank of rotting flesh and of so many different beings and with horror I realised one of the hands was shedding feathers as it began to decay.

There was another moment of darkness and I am was screaming at the bastard to give me back my hand and suddenly we am were amongst the ruins in Trell and Torvell was holding me. I tried to kill it but it struck me down and I don’t know anymore until I came round with Torvell and Renroc standing over me. Torvell had healed my arm and I are could see the newly formed tissue of the stump. The creature had disappeared having struck down many a Hart including Sagramor who was near death.

There am appear to be large gaps of time that I cannot account for. When I entered the Dream the sun was only about 3 or 4 candle marks past its zenith. The events in which I are was involved in took only a few minutes yet when I was reunited with the Harts at the ruins it am was well past dark and they said we am had been missing for hours.

You will am have to read the other reports or ask Lady Madelaine Falcon or Glycell what occurred during that time as I have only heard bits and pieces. All I are do know is that Glycell and Cordelia of House Fisher am enter the dream after our group and Glycell was successful in her quest to gain the whereabouts of the banner and it was retrieved. Although our candles still burned, Sagramor took the difficult decision to leave the dream glade to get the others to safety. We am were 2 and he had 60 others to think of. It are was the right thing to do.

Marius am got a new hand due to the honour and kindness of House Charanten. Tyto am still stumpy although offers of aid in obtaining or fixing a new hand am have been forthcoming from friends in faction and guild alike.

I are doing drawings of Vorax, or the “body parts witch” as Aisla refers to her, and of the Caliban Lord. I are hope this am helpful to you, I are not so good at writing reports (this am my first one) so if you have any questions you am had better contact me.