Jasper Orlaine on matters regarding Isaac Hulce and the Turnkey Court, winter 1118

This a copy of an open letter sent out to all the cities, towns and villages in Albion.


 It is with great regret that I write to inform you of the death of Isaac Hulce. My close friend, brother of the tower, Cousin and fellow believer in Eloise’s dream, who was executed after a trial with those watching forced to silence by a heavy handed court process.

Isaacs belief in Albion and its people was unwavering and although his actions at the end were vicious he still did what was correct and ultimately for the best of the nation.

My worry is that the court was swayed by unverified letters written by multiple sources the main one is from a group known as the turnkey court. I would like to know more of this so called court and would like to talk to its members in the open and not hidden in the shadows as they appear to act.

I have never felt greater loss than I do right now, so much has been taken from me and Albion in a short space of time.

I believe in an Albion lead by a strong guiding hand and I now fear for a future of fear mongering, rebellion and houses in open dispute. We need to remember what Eloise taught us we could be after the near destruction of our nation and take up her mantle and unite for our future.

 Albion forever

Earl Jasper Orlaine